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May 2011|Vo8|Issue 5


Book Review
My Experiments With 50 Millesimal Scale Of Potencies - Dr. R . P. Patel
According to the Sixth Edition of Organon of Medicine

       Dr. R. P. Patel has put in his long years of experience since 1948 with LM Potencies in his practice. His familiarity with medical literatures in general and homoeopathic literatures in particular is evident by his reference to various books—the list itself runs into pages.

The budding homoeopath or the one with long years of practice, who feel guilty of not knowing homoeopathic literature can redeem themselves by reading this book. The entire book is divided beautifully into various chapters starting from the discovery of Homoeopathy to the latest developments in Homoeopathy. It gives an insight into Hahnemann’s statements that 50 Millesimal ended all the queries and problems regarding repetition and potency of the well selected remedy.

This book is not only on theory but the outcome of several years of successful practice. The acute, chronic and so called incurable terminal cases given at the end of the book is the testimony to the success of Homoeopathy. He demonstrates “achievements in many cases with ‘survival period’ of 5 yrs and ‘cure’ after 10, 20, 30, 40 years of creative and productive lives under Homoeopathy, MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE TO BE POSSIBLE”. Every page and every line will tell you how to practice homoeopathy successfully and the lines “in-between” will tell you the life history of Dr. R. P. Patel.

The profession is deeply indebted to Dr.R.P. Patel for his contributions---“this book being one such.”

Pages : 460
Prize Rs :500/-
Publisher : Dr. R. P. Patel Institute of Homoeopathy for
Research and Education in Homoeopathy.
Hahnemann House-Meissen
Atmajoti Ashramam Road
Subhanpura,Vadodara 390023