May 2011|Vol 8|Issue 5

A case of Chalazion


Dr. Shailendra R .Waghmare is a clinician, greatly involved in presenting evidence based studies. His articles had been published in various journals. He is also interested in teaching, serving as a visiting lecturer in Mahila Homoeo Medical College Solapur. He can be contacted at Sri Smadrth Homoeo Clinic Balaji Complex, Shivaji Nagar Main Raod, Nilanga, Dist-latur, Pin No. 413521 Mobile.No. 9890119523, 902403959. Email ID :


       A male child aged 10 months was brought in my clinic with a cystic swelling near right upper eyelid diagnosed as Chalazion by ophthalmologist.

H/o Presenting Complaints
Initially the child had a small cystic swelling on right upper eyelid. There was no trouble except swelling & redness, So it has been mistaken for stye, by parents, but later it bursted out on conjunctiva surface, with granulation tissue protruding. The ophthalmic surgeon advised surgical excision to be the only mode of treatment. As the child is very young and surgery required general anasthesia, parents opted Homoeopathic treatment.

Personal History

He was normally delivered & first child. He was healthy all along until this condition arrived.

· Appetite : Good

· Thirst : Aversion to drink water

· Sweat : Moderate, only during sleep.

· Thermal : Ambithermal

· Stool : Irregular, knotty stools

· Urine : Normal

· Sleep : Good

· Mind : The child is very obstinate with shouting.

Symptoms taken for Repertorization (Kent's Repertory)

1) Mind : Obstinate children (page 69)

2) Mind : Weeping stool during (page 94)

3) Perspiration : sleep during (page 1301)

4) Teeth : Dentition slow (page 431)

5) Stool : knotty (page 638)

6) Head : large (page 129)

7) Eyes : Tumours cystic (page 268)


First Prescription                      06/09/2010
Silicea 200 2 doses
Sac lac for 15 days
(Refer the photograph Before )

Follow Up 1                               20/09/2010
·The cystic contents (granulation tissue) disintegrated more than 50 %
·Dentition started within a week
·Constipation better, thirst improved
·Obstinacy less
    Silicea 200 2 doses
    Sac lac for 30 days

Follow Up 2                              23/10/2010

·Status quo.
·Constipation with hard knotty stools
·Obstinacy increased with shouting + 3
·Aversion to drink water
    Silicea 1 M 1 dose
    Sac lac for 15 days

Follow Up 3                              10/11/2010

·Obstinacy less
·Thirst improved
·Constipation better
·One new tiny cystic swelling appeared adjesent to previous site.
·Previous swelling (chalazion) as it is

    Silicea 1 M 1 dose
    Sac lac for 30 days

Follow Up 4                              15/12/2010

·The new chalazion regressed
·The granulation tissue of previous started to break off further
·Constipation + 2

    Sac lac for 15 days.

Follow Up 5                              01/01/2011

·The granulation tissue persist
·Constipation + 3
·Child attained 14 months of age, yet milestones of walking & talking are not appeared.
·Very much attached to toys, even holds them while sleeping
    Nat Mur 1 M 1 dose
    Sac lac for 15 days.

Follow Up 6                              08/01/2011

·The cystic contents (granulation tissue) disintegrated completely
·Constipation also better.
    Sac lac for 30 days
    (Refer the photograph After )


This case shows great advantage of homoeopathic treatment in dealing with diseases of all kinds of children. Here totality of symptoms reflected the constitution of child and the suitable dynamic remedy Silicea revitalized the life force to normal and Nat Mur cleared up the case, the best way of management of health in children.