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May 2011|Volume 8|Issue 5
May 2011|Vol 8|Issue 5

A hand book on Homoeopathy released

      CHENNAI.APRIL.10: Dr. Koppikar’s Foundation for Homoeopathy celebrated Dr.Hahnemann’s birthday and Dr. S.P. Koppikar’s birthday and released a family handbook on Homoeopathy, ‘At Home with Homoeopathy’ on 10th April, 2011 at Devaneya Pavanar District Library (LLA Building) Auditorium, Chennai. Dr.G.Ashok Anand welcomed the gathering and he briefed the objects of this foundation. The meeting was chaired by Dr.Jayesh V. Sanghvi. Dr. S.Mohamed Aleem gave a talk on life of Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homoeopathy and Dr. S.P.Koppikar. The family handbook on homoeopathy written by Dr. P.V.Venkatraman was released by Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan and the first copy was received by an advocate, Mrs. Arul Mozhi. Mr.Subhash Koppikar, the son of Dr. S.P.Koppikar donated one lakh rupees to the foundation. He also talked about his memories of his father.

     The celebrities,Dr.A.U.Ramakrishnan,Dr.P.D.Venkatakrishnan, Dr. K.M.H.Akbarsha and Dr.A.Thamarai Selvan talked about Dr.Hahnemann and Dr.S.P.Koppikar and they shared their experiences with the participants. Mrs. Arul Mozhi shared her own experiences with homoeopathic treatment and she requested the participants to recommend homoeopathic treatment to their friends and relatives to get effective and harmless treatment.Dr.P.V.Venkatraman, as the author of the book, told that the release of this book was the wish of Dr.Koppikar. Dr.Jagatha gave vote of thanks and the meeting ended with National Anthem.