May 2013|Volume 10|Issue 5
May 2013|Vol 10|Issue 5


Kent observations...

Dear Readers,
       We are happy to publish this theme on “Kent observations” which is beneficial to the all clinicians. Theoretical and practical part of pioneers’ contribution can be justified only by clinical practice. We observe some of them are highly beneficial for the follow up of a case. Physicians are happy when they obtain the result, frustrated and restrict their comments when they face failures on their experiments.

         Dr.Kent and Constantine Hering had a special vision on the dynamic action of the drugs and they made their observations after treating many patients. Many pioneers in our system had a special vision on understanding and guide us with new vision, are the replica of Hahnemanian thinking.

     We are happy that Homoeo Times receives overwhelming response from practitioners and contributing case studies with evidence based studies. We are unable to avoid the case studies which require more time boundary to make as a complete study, however to encourage we want to support their contributions
We are delighted to serve the community with various topics which enlight the students and young homoeopaths with ray of hope and our team is satisfied with upcoming more homoeopathy clinics everywhere in our country.

     We want to thank one and all for giving immense support to Homoeo Times, we assure to serve you and the community.

with regards