May 2013|Vol 10|Iss 5

A Case of Chocolate Cyst


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        A female aged 27 years lean, thin, emaciated married women presented the complaints of pain in lower abdomen on and off since one month. She had white discharge per vagina f since puberty. She lost her weight three kg within a month.

Past History

       She had been vaccinated
       No H/o Acute illness in the past

Family History

       Nothing specific

Physical Generals

Appetite: Increased
Desires and Aversions: Nothing Specific
Thirst: Normal
Urine: Normal
Stool: Regular
Sleep: Disturbed

Mental Generals

       Mind: Crowding of thoughts

Mensrtual History

       2/25, no clots.

Obstetric History

       G0, A0


B.P: 100/60mm of Hg
Pulse: 74/min
Weight: 42Kg
Endovaginal Sonography which was performed on 19.07.2012 (Refer Plate Before)
Haemorrhagic Cyst in right ovary
Left ovarian cyst with internal echoes – could be chocolate cyst
Hydrosalphynx on left side

First Prescription              21.07.2012

       Iodum 200 TID * one month

Follow Up

Ultrasound Pelvis dated 18.09.2012 (Refer Plate After)

       Follicles with internal echoes in the right ovary.
       Otherwise normal study


       The drug Iodum was selected simply considering the totality which had given quick relief to the patient.