May 2013|Vol 10|Iss 5

A Case of Lichen Simplex Chronicus Cured by Homeopathy


Dr. Muhammed Rafeeque
Family Homoeopathic Clinic
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        A male aged 46 years old had itching eruptions with black discoloration on both legs since 6 months.

History of presenting complaints

       Itching eruptions with black discoloration on both legs started since 6 months. Calf region was mainly affected. The discoloration was not uniform, but scattered in spots. There was severe itching in the affected parts with burning as if warm air coming out. The skin in the affected area was hard, almost like elephant skin, with occasional peeling of scales after scratching.

Past history

       History of accident before 1 year without any damage to the deep structures.

Family history

       Father is having heart disease. Mother died after brain hemorrhage.

Treatment history

       Consulted a dermatologist who prescribed some steroid creams and tablets. Itching was controlled after that, but the lesions were same.

Mental Generals

       Irritable, especially when questioned. He does not like even his superiors to question him.

Physical generals

Appetite – Normal
Thirst – Large quantities for
Aversion – Meat.
Addictions – Alcohol
Bowels – Regular
Urine – Normal.
Sexual – Violent desires and thoughts with frequent erections. Also prefer extramarital relations.
Climate – Prefers cold climate since general aggravation by warmth.

General physical examination

       Nothing abnormally detected except bluish discoloration of tongue (since childhood)
       Vital signs: all vital signs were within the physiological limit.

Life space investigation

       A self made man who started his life with a big zero. His family was very poor, so he had to discontinue his studies when he joined a shop as sales man. Later, he completed his graduation while doing part time job. Now living with wife and two children. The present financial situation is also stable after he joined a reputed marketing company.

Selected Rubrics

Mind- Irritability- Questioned when.
Generlities- Warmth, agg.
Genralities- Food and drinks – Meat aversion.
Stomach- Thirst- Large quantities for.
Skin- Eruptions- Blackish.
Extremeties – Eruptions- Leg- Itching.
Skin- Burning – Vapor were emitted from pores, as if.
Male genitalia- Sexual desire- Violent.
Male genitalia- Erections- Violent.

Repertorisation result (Sum of symptoms)

Arn, Chin, Nat.m, Sil, Rhtx, Calc, Fl ac, Graph, Nit ac, Nux v, Anac.
Disease diagnosis: Lichen Simplex Chronicus.
Remedial diagnosis: Flouric Acid

First prescription                     10/12/12


       Flouric Acid 200, one dose every week, with placebo.

1. Stop scratching the lesions.
2. Avoid non-veg food items
3. Avoid use of ointments and creams
4. Use glycerin soaps
5. Stop extramarital relations

Follow-up1                     25-12-12

Consulted after 15 days. There was much improvement of the lesions.
The same medicine continued along with placebo.

Follow-up2                     09-1-13

Consulted after 30 days. The lesions and itching disappeared completely. The patient occasionally comes for routine checkups, and is fine till date.


       Flouric Acid was selected since the patient covered the mental generals, physical generals, and the particulars. Even the sensation of warm air from the skin is found in the same remedy. Also it is indicated for the dark pigmented lesions in the body.