May 2014|Volume 11|Issue 5
May 2014|Vol 11|Issue 5

Excel Clinically…

Dear Readers,
   Homoeopathy system is a unique system, well accepted and followed by eminent scientists and modern homoeopaths. We remember from history how Hahnemann contributed and his followers support for the development of Homoeopathy. The pioneers contributions are remarkable and their guidelines for treatment also highly useful to the clinicians

     Even though many text book references are available, the primary texts Allen’s Key notes, Nash’s therapeutics and Boericke’s Materia medica are found in many physicians table for quick reference. They claim themselves as highly successful, even though repertorisation is considered as auxiliary

This issue is especially dedicated to Dr.William Boericke, Whose contribution is well accepted by majority of Homoeopathic Clinicians. We thank all authors for their submissions for theme and evidence based clinical studies. We are happy to receive evidence based case studies recently than ever every one’s clinical study; research studies are the real contribution to our founder and make the younger generations to involve enthusiastically in practice

We need more awareness on our system to reach the public, which could reap fruit. Every system has its own merits and popularity of Homoeopathy can be possible in incurable disease. Today we experience much incurable disease are remarkably improving making every one as eye opener and understand Hahnemann’s wonderful discovery. We appeal to all to contribute more evidence based studies for the development of our system.

with regards