May 2016|Volume 13|Issue 5
May 2016|Vol 13|Issue 5

Thuja occidentalis …life saver

Dear Readers,

       We are thankful for the submissions on the title “Thuja Occidentalis” theme of this month issue. The authors of the articles have poured their inspirations and new innovations in understanding the polycrest remedy. The clinical experience by physicians brings this anti sycoctic remedy rescued many lives with realm of cure in which other systems of medicine failed

    We are happy with overwhelming response in readership, submission of articles, case studies and news updates, which crowns our journal with more acceptances by the homoeopathic and scientific community. We congratulate the students for their submissions and participation in quiz competitions
We invite more case studies with evidence based documents which could make more documentation on different ailments to make the scientific community that our system renders wonderful healing to the community
We receive articles on research which cannot accommodate the journal, hence the authors requested to send an abstract along with publication of their article in online editions. We are sure that in future gradulally upgrading the journal with features and information
We are sorry for the delay in publishing the TN Homoeo Directory; delay resulted by the findings on bogus entries in the registry. The action is being taken by the government on these malpractices, Hence we decided to publish the entries only after publication of Medical Register in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette