Nov 2018|Volume 15|Issue 11
Nov 2018|Vol 15|Issue 11

Acne vulgaris …

Dear Readers,

       We thank all authours and Clinicians for the submission of more articles and case studies and clinical experience on the exclusive topic “ Similimum in Acne “ We are happy that many physicians shared their clinical experience on Acne in this issue. Recently we are receiving more number of evidence based case studies

     Acne is the commonest skin disorder in teens which has an impact on cosmetic perspective .Many have low self esteem and seeks quick remedy. Hence they seek for topical, and run and shift dermatologists. However suppression and complications such as pitting, scarring and cystic degenerations commonly expected
This metabolic dynamic disease can be clinically applied and treated successfully by miasmatic and individualistic approach. Homoeopathy credits the patients without any side effects as drugs are dynamised and also clinical evaluation predicts the prevention of complications . The authors had explained with detailed studies in this issue
     We receive special appreciation for the exclusive titles and many are interested in knowing the next year theme . We are planning the next year issues with special themes and titles eventually to cover the all categories.
     We are planning to introduce special column for the students and quiz program to improve learning in novel way . We thank all for immense support by the way of subscriptions, release of Advertisements in our Journal to serve the community in a boundless way