Nov 2011|Vol 8|Iss 11

A case of Chocholate Cyst


Cystic conditions are one among the commonest clinical conditions that we encounter in our day to day practice. Most of cysts in the body are benign or dysfunctional tumors. It can be treated successfully with our dynamic medicines. Here Dr.K.Savitha compiles and presents a case of Chocolate Cyst treated successfully at AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Center. She can be contacted at AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Centre, 6 Lloyd's II Lane, Royapettah, and Chennai 600014.


       A female aged 28 years presented pain with during periods since four months. Additionally she has white discharge since 6 months. Every month the pain was intolerable which radiated to low back and to legs on both sides.

She underwent routine check up the Ultra sonogram revealed chocolate cyst in right ovary. (Refer the plate I)

She had allopathic treatment for some months and opted homoeopathic treatment

Past History

• She had been vaccinated for all communicable diseases.
• H/o cold and cough
• Headache Occasional < reading, Vision normal

Family History

• Paternal grand parents Diabetic and maternal uncle Hypertensive
• H/o Hypothyroidism maternal cousin, fibroids

Physical Generals

• Appetite - Normal
• Thirst - Normal
• Stool - Normal
• Urine - Normal
• Sweat - Profuse all over
• Sleep - Normal
• Dreams - Nothing specific
• Food Type - Vegetarian
• Has the habit of taking tea and coffee

Mental Generals

    Mental, intellectual state of mind is anxious, very sensitive and emotional

Menstrual History

• Menarche at the of 14 years
• Periods are regular, 1-6 days flow, 27 day cycle
• Flow is profuse
• Spasmodic Pain during menstruation
• Heaviness of Breast+

Obstetric History

    Married, has 1 daughter

General Examination

• B.P 130/80 mm of Hg
• Weight : 62 kgs


    Chocolate Cyst

First Prescription                      30/04/02
     Thujalm tds
     Bell 6 SOS
    Vibrinum Opulus Q 5 drops thrice daily


    Thuja was prescribed on understanding the miasmatic background of the case. The presentation of cystic nature with family history of fibroids gave a clue to prescription, however acute prescriptions are made based on the presentation of symtomatolgy to tackle pain, fever. In chronic diseases always prescription on miasmatic basis is helpful, shortens the duration of treatment and also aids in full recovery.(Refer Plate II)