Nov 2012|Vol 9|Iss 11

A case of Prostatic Enlargement


Dr.A. P.Sivakumaran is a young enthusiastic clinician, dedicated himself in research oriented evidence based case studies. His articles, case studies had been published in many journals. Here he presents a case of swelling in the prostatic Enlargement. He can be contacted at 37, SBOA Colony Extension,Behind Hotel Gowri Krishna By-Pass Road, Madurai - 625010


         A 37-year-old man was acutely unwell with urinary problem and severe abdominal pain and sensation of fullness with pressure in lower abdomen for several days. Pricking pain in the base of penis, burning micturation. Severe sudden dullness with Occasional vertigo <after coition. Feels better after good sleep.

        Difficult to urinate, painful frequent urination <at night and burning sensation+++ <during urination, >cold bathing++. Painful ejaculation after intake of Viagra, no orgasm. Severe prostration and dullness after coition. Frequent pain in lower back and hips.

Past history

        He suffered from fever long period; he had taken allopathic drugs without consulting the doctor. Due to the severity of fever, he had been undergone treatment with family doctor and typhoid fever confirmed after his routine private medical laboratory-screening test. He was under treatment for 15 days with allopathic medicine. After a month of routine normal life he was again struggled with stomach pain, vomiting and urinary problem. To overcome this problem he came to homeopathy consultation and treatment.

Family history

        His Father suffering from insomnia, He is hypertensive. Not diabetic, Mother is healthy.

Personal history

        Mixed diet, sexual desire+++ (erotomania) speedy emissions but want of power, non-alcoholic, smoker in the past , now quitted it. Tendency to catch cold easily but he prefers cold.

Mental generals

        Begging to help him, restless, hopeless, profound fatigue.

Physical generals

Appetite: good eater, after his acute illness he prefers fruit juices and cool drinks
Thirst: +++ he prefers cold water than normal. However, he is adjustable with availability.
Sweat: + in general sweat well after good work.
Stool: occasional constipation+, stools hard to evacuate, rarely leads to fissures and heals itself after cold spinal bath.
Urine: frequent desire for urination at night, it is painful and burning, scanty after long strain.
Sleep: disturbed by frequency of urination. Feels better after good sleep.
Dreams: lascivious
Thermal: hot

Physical examination

Tall, fair complexion, handsome, not anemic, severe exhaustion++
R.S- Localized polyphonic wheezing heard on left lower lobe
P.R- per rectal examination done after enema with natural tap water, it shows enlargement of prostate gland.

        Based on his medical diagnostic report of Ultra sonogram and his oral statement of clinical history concluded that he is suffering from prostate enlargement and suspected malignancy Then patient advised to go for Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)
        Initially Ultra sonogram of abdomen and pelvis impression results show that mild hepatomegaly, normal size kidneys showing bilateral grade I medical renal disease, mild pelvicalyceal system ureteric dilatation noted on both sides , no evidence of calculus was noticed and moderate prostatomegaly (prostate enlarged in size measuring 4.8 x 4 x 4 cm corresponding to a volume of 42.2cc ).In biochemical analysis PSA level was raised to75.6 ng/ml.(Refer Plate I).Over a 3 months period of homeopathic treatment , Ultra sonogram result shows that right intra renal calculus , liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, left kidney , bladder, prostate (prostate size measuring 3.1x 3.7x3.7 cm corresponding to a volume of 22.7 cc) were become normal sonographic pattern and in blood PSA level decreased from 75.6 ng/ml to 2.0 ng/ml . At the outset, within 15 days, the PSA level was reduced drastically from 75.6 ng/ml to 21.86 ng/ml and after reaching 14 ng/ml it was reduced gradually.


        Ca prostate. With bilateral grade I medical renal disease, and hepatomegaly.

Diet and Regimen Advised

        Advised to take diet like low cholesterol foods, boiled foods with less salt& sweet, no addition of tamarind, should be strict vegetarian, recommended to take sprouts, all fruits except banana and dates, advised to avoid tea & coffee.

First Prescription                         25/7/2010

• Ferrum picricum 30c (one dose) administered with 120ml aqueous solution 2ml for every 30minutes each time after 10 strong succussions.
• He advised to stop medicine if improvement starts


        Generally, I used to hesitate and avoid prescribing rare remedy in my practice, because rare remedies not fully proved. However, in this case, Ferrum picrium 30 c given and it’s did not shows effective result. I have selected this rare remedy by my memory that recalls this keynote symptom from materiamedica PROSTATIC ENLARGEMENT WITH PROFOUND PROSTRATION, because this patient had express profound fatigue and prostration almost along with every complaint he said. However, phosphorus helped him fully. Because his totality of symptoms, miasmatic and constitutional portrait matched very well with phosphorus.
Finally, I closed this case with CARCINOSNUM1000 to ELIMINATE cancerous cachexia and to avoid further recurrences.