Nov 2013|Volume 10|Issue 11
Nov 2013|Vol 10|Issue 11

Guest Editorial
The State of Thermal States

Dear readers,
       Man is a homeothermal organism. The body temperature is always maintained at an optimum level by the interplay of all the systems of the body especially psychic, nervous, endocrine, alimentary and excretory systems. Most of the defects in the organs of these systems may disturb the body temperature. Likewise heavy environmental impact on the temperature regulation mechanism of the body disturbs the functions of these organs. Hence, thermal state becomes a general symptom.

      As a general symptom, thermal state ranks high in the evaluation of symptoms. So obtaining thermal reactions from patients has paramount importance in case taking. But, do we get pure thermal modalities from the patients?

     All the modalities including thermal modalities are conditioned by belief systems. Media, religion, culture, health information, etc., influence the modalities. For instance, if a person says I drink more water, probably it is not because of increased thirst but it may be a compulsivedrinking due to the belief that drinking more water is good for health. Similarly, when a person says that I like everything hot, it may be because of a subconscious fear of catching cold or getting infection if the person takes cold things. These symptoms, what I call as, 'contaminated symptoms' are useless for the prescription.

     We have to be cautious when we select the symptoms, like 'Desires Cold, Desires Warm, Aversion Cold, Aversion Warm, Desire Cold Bath, Desires Hot Bath, etc., to confirm the thermal state of the patient.

In my practice, I give importance to thermal reactions only if
. there are availability of observable signs like hyperthermia, tachycardia, tachypnoea, etc.
. there are more than three symptoms available to confirm the thermal reaction of the patient either as hot or as cold.
I also try to understand the patient's belief systems to understand the symptom contaminations.

     It is always better not to use the thermal state of the patient as the eliminating rubric in repertorisation to increase the rate of success in our practice.

with regards
Dr. S. Mohamed Aleem