Nov 2013|Vol 10|Iss11

A case of Ichthyosis Vulgaris


Dr.Hariram Kumar
Lecturer, Dept of Materia Medica
Bangalore, Karnataka


    A thirty three years old male presented severe thickened, dry skin with scales with mild itching on the whole body except face. The lesions were more prominent on legs and hands since childhood. The patient took various treatments without any relief.

Past history

    Nothing significant

Family history

    Father: Expired of cardiac arrest
    Mother is known Hypertensive

Physical generals

Appetite: Good
Thirst: 3-4 lts /day
Stool: Regular
Urine: 3-4 times in day/ 0-1times at night
Perspiration: On exertion
Sleep: Refreshed
Thermals: Cannot tolerate summer


General physical examination

B.P: 120/80 mm/ hg
Pulse: 78beats/min
Heart rate: 78beats/min
The patient is very lean and has a long neck.

Mental generals

    Patient is timid and has lot of anxiety about everything especially his health. As he has faced many difficulties and had no money to spend for his treatment he has a fear of spending money thinking that in future he may not be having enough money if there is any emergency and feels that his elder brother is wasting his money and he is not taking care of the family (selfish).

Local examination

    Skin is thickened, dry and scaly


    Icthyosis vulgaris


    Eruptions, scaly.
    Bran-like Ichthyosis: Phos, Ars, Ars iod

First prescription                    01-02-11

    Ars iod 200 – 1 dose

Follow Ups


    The patient was completely relieved of his suffering after one year with Ars iod 1m.Ars iod was prescribed in this case as the other two remedies are chilly and here the patient t is hot and also the patient has lot of anxiety about health.