Oct 2016|Volume 13|Issue 10
Oct 2016|Vol 13|Issue 10

2D Bar code Registration certificates benefits ...

Dear Readers,

       We are grateful to Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for directing the Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical Council to eliminate all bogus entries from the Registry. Pursuant to the order, the registrar had notified and Re Registration certificates are being issued till December. Hence the long pending Updated Medical Register is expected to publish in Tamil Nadu Government Gazette and copies also likely to reach the District Collectors, Municipalities and Corporation

    The Government also active eradicating the Quacks from all systems and the Medical Registers will serve as evidence of Registration to all systems. On the other hand it would help police harassment on innocent genuine Registered Practitioners in accordance to the law
    Every Registered Homoeopathic Medical Practitioner deserves rights to authenticate Medical Certificates; perhaps it is doubtful over many minds. The organizations has insisted the state Governments to pass necessary orders, which already accepted by the Government of India
    We should appreciate the Health officials and Register to weed out all impersonated Registrations and illegal entries, which could result only around 5,000 genuine, weeding the census of 5,537 in A, 15,197 in B and C class
    The vision of Good future for Homoeopaths is ahead, certainly torching the young medicos welfare and also inviting the attention of more number of Homoeopathic dispensaries in Tamil Nadu to inspire other states as roll model in all innovations. We are thankful to the Government