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Dr. Lex Rutten
    Dr. Lex Rutten, a medical doctor since 1977, then he turned to Homoeopathy in 1979 and have been an independent Homoeopathy researcher since 1998. He was born at Palembang, Indonesia on 1950. His additional training in statistics and diagnosis/prognosis research provides homoeopathic research a different dimension. He is appointed as Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau by the King of the Netherlands. His research experience includes materia medica validation; assessment of likelihood ratio (LR) of six homeopathic symptoms and multivariate analysis of a homeopathic questionnaire.

     In the past, he has been the member of the board of the Dutch homeopathic doctors association (VHAN); Founder-chairman of a Dutch computer software users group; Developer of homeopathic software; Member of the Dutch Committee for Methods and Validation (CMV); Member of the research committees of the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH) and the LMHI. He has also been the advisor for data collection to ECH, Central Council for Research in Homeopathy (CCRH), Clificol and Wisshom. He is a member of the Physicians Association for Integrative Medicine.
     He is also the teacher-coordinator of Dutch homeopathic training for doctors (SHO) and a member of the editorial advisory board of the journals 'Homeopathy' and the 'Indian Journal of Homeopathy Research'.
     He is an author of 26 Pubmed registered scientific articles and two books on statistics and research in homeopathy. He emphasizes that we should improve our methodology by more researches to rule out the flaws. The researches do not, or hardly, interfere with daily practice and many homeopathic doctors should participate in this kind of research to improve our instruments and establish homeopathy as a scientific method.

He can be contacted at

Dr. Lex Rutten
Nature 10, 4813 NN
Phone: 076 5227340
Email: lexrtn@concepts.nl