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A Case of Rhododendron

Dr. Pameeta Uniyal
Medical Officer,
Uttaranchal Health Systems Development Project
107, Chander Nagar, Dehradun, Uttaranchal
Phone 0135-2720640, Mobile : 9412914081


       Dr. Pameeta Uniyal is Medical officer in uthranjal Government and is author of Materia Medica for students, Part-II, which has also been translated into Spanish language.She is the Editor of AYUSH Journal published by Uttaranchal Health Systems Development Project. She had presented scientific papers, recently presented “Homoeopathy in Adventure sports- A new dimension to be explored” in the International Conference on Mountain and Sports Medicine held at Benaras Hindu University.Here she presents a case of Rhododendron. which has been treated successfully.

       A forty six years old female consulted me for the following complaints.

Presenting complaints
1. Pain in both knee and ankle joints since 15 years.
2. Stiffness in neck and back since 4 ½ years.
3. Mild frontal headache radiating to right parietal region since 6 months.
4. Swelling with redness in both knee and ankle joints, but more marked in the right side since 3 ½ months.
5. Empty eructation since 2 ½ months.

History of Present complaints
Pain initially started in right knee joint and then radiated to right ankle joint and gradually occurred in the left knee and ankle joint. Pains were of shooting type and shifting in nature and became worse in the morning, during rest and in the stormy weather. Warm application gave some relief, though occasionally only. During walking she felt a bit better.

Past complaints
· H/o pneumonia at the age of 12 years.
· H/o erythematic eruptions at the age of 32 years.
· H/o appendectomy at the age of 38 years.
· H/o jaundice at the age of 41 years.

Family history
· Father: H/o asthma
· Elder sister : H/o rheumatoid arthritis and hypertension.

Menstrual history
· Duration : 4-5 days
· Quantity : Too profuse
· Character of blood : Bright red, clots +++
· Cycle: 29-32 days
· Dysmenorrhea on the first day.
· Concomitant : Vomiting sensation and cramps in both thighs.

Personal history
· Thirst- Normal
· Appetite- Anorexia
· Desire – Salty things
· Urine-Burning during micturition occasionally +
· Stool- Constipation occasionally +

· Lethargic-does not like to do even her daily household works.
· Does not like company.
· Afraid of thunder.
· Does not like rainy season.

Physical examination
· Appearance: Short stature and fleshy
· Blood pressure- 110/78 mm of Hg
· Pulse- 86/min
· Dark circles around both eyes.
· Tongue mildly coated.
· Both knee and ankle joints swollen, red and hot with marked tenderness present.
· Ambhithermal, being more towards the chilly side.
The patient showed with following reports which had been done few days prior to consulting me.

RA factor-Positive            Refer the plate 1
Based on the above case taking, the patient was prescribed following medicines after careful repertorisation.

First prescription                  14.11.03
· Rhododendron 200/ 4 doses (Single dose weekly)
· Sac lac 30 /BD x 4 weeks

Follow up-1                           16.12.03
Pain, redness and swelling in joints slightly reduced
Stiffness in neck and back slightly better.
Headache and eructations.
· Rhododendron 200/ 4 doses (Single dose weekly)
· Sac lac 30 /BD x 4 weeks

Follow up-2                           15.01.04
No redness in joints, Swelling reduced.
Pain in joints status quo.
Headache and eructation reduced
No stiffness in neck and back
· Rhododendron 200/ 2 doses (Single dose every alternate week)
· Sac lac 30 /BD x 4 weeks

Follow up-3                           18.02.04
No swelling
Intensity of pain in joints less by 70 %
No headache and eructations.
· Sac lac 30/BD x 4 weeks

Follow up-4                           16.03.04
Complaints- Status quo
· Rhododendron 200/1 (single dose in a month)
· Sac lac 30/BD x 8 weeks

Follow up 5                           17.05.04
No pain in joints.
· Sac lac 30/BD x 8 weeks
· Advised Haemogram

Follow up 6                           21.07.04
Haemogram normal RA factor Negative
No complaints reported till date.
The above case illustrates the significance of Homoeopathic remedy Rhododendron on the basis of Classical prescribing after arriving at the similimum.

Plate - I
Plate - II