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A case of Hypogonadism

Dr. Shailendra R.Waghmare, BHMS
Consultant Homoeopath
C/o.Dr.NS Gangasagare
Varun Apartement,Near Data Ganpati,
Budhwar Peth,Samrat Chowk, Solapur
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       Dr.Shailendra R.Waghmare, an young enthusiastic practitioner had presented a case of hormonal insuffiency with evidence based documents.

       This case is of one of my friend who is an academician and practitioner attached to a medical college. He is very handsome with pointed nose, only his embarrassing complaint is lack of beard and moustache growth, even though his general growth is good with age proportion.

       The social forces and criticism had made him develop loss of self-confidence, which gradually pushed him to depression. He hesitated to get married. He consulted me at last with low levels of testosterone study.

       He is from middle class family, very understandable, mild but sensitive and emotional, Sometimes depression made him to weep and he never expressed or shared his fealings with anybody. But he was fastidious and sympathetic to others feeling.

       He had headache if he takes more time while eating, occasionally had dry cough with irritation in the throat< oily foods. His appetite was normal and thirst also good. No specific desires and aversions. Normal bowel movements. He goes to bed with great difficulty and with frightful dreams. Exhausted very easily.

       He had measles when four years old and mumps at the age of eleven. His paternal grand mother had uterine prolapse.

        The above picture with history of mumps and its sequalae pointed towards Pulsatilla as his constitutional remedy.

First Prescription          20/4/06
Pulsatilla 1M 1 dose OD
SL for 15 days
Testosterone low levels -280.77ng/dl . Please refer the plate 1

Follow up-1                  2/5/06
Confidence improved.
SL continued for 15 days.

Follow up-2                  17/5/06
Depression on little things
Sees sympathy of close friends & me.
Pulsatilla 1M 1 dose od
SL for 30 days

Follow up-3                  19/6/06
Started with growth of thick hairs on beard and moustache,
Self-confidence improved
Occasional anticipatory fears before giving a lecture
Arg Nit 1M Sos

Follow up-4                  5/7/06
Better in all respects.
Testosterone levels at this time revealed 774.20 ng/d.l Please refer the plate 2

Plate - I
Plate - II