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A Case of Palmo Plantar Psoriasis

Dr.P Mukundan, M.D(hom)
Harish Homoeo clinic
Lucky Towers,15,Kamaraj colony,
Four Roads, Salem-636007
0427-2314446, 98427 33003


       Dr.P.Mukundan is a leading Homoeopath, Research Scholar had presented many scientific papers, Articles and lectured in public awareness programs. He qualified from Government Homoeopathic medical College, Chennai and post graduated from Vinyaka Mission’s Homoeopathy Medical College, Salem. He served as a Medical officer. Here he presents a case of psoriasis.

A well-built male aged 58 years compliant for Palmo Plantar Psoriasis since 7years consulted me. He was not benefited by topical applications and internal medications by other systems of Medicine. When he consulted me for the first time he was unable to walk and I watched his lesions with severe induration. Both palms and soles were cracked and fissured. His gait altered due to pain. He presented the following symptoms.

Itching <In night

<During winter

<Taking in hot weather


General debility

Tendency-Hot drinks




Very neat and tidy in his dress


Based on the symptom similarity my prescription was

Arsenicum album

First Precription
· Ars alb 1M – OD for 3 days
· Followed by SL for 2 Weeks

Follow Up 1                   15.12.2005
Cracks bled with pain
· SL for 2weeks

Follow Up 2                   29.12.2005
Improved. Oedema better
Cracks in the palm better
· SL for 2 weeks

Follow Up 3                   12.1.2006
Thickening of skin of sole
Increased with Oedema
Ars alb 1M,OD for 3days
Follow by SL for 2 weeks

Follow Up 4                   2.2.2006
Oedemas better
no change of skin
general well being improved
· SL for 2 weeks

Follow Up 5                   16.2.2006
Skin thickening reduced
· SL for a month

Follow Up 6                   16.3.2006
Improved Abscesses in upper and lower limbs
· Ars alb 1M,OD for 3 days
· Follow by SL for 2 weeks

Follow Up 7                   30.3.2006
Abscesses healed skin improved
· SL for a month

Follow Up 8                  28.3.2006
Skin normal, no change
· SL for a month

Follow Up                   9 26.5.2006
Skin normal
· SL for a month

The patient under observation with out Medicines.