October 2010|Vol 7|Issue 10

October 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 10

Individualistic study and approach

Dear Readers,
       We know that homoeopathic system is a holistic system of Medicine which studies the body, mind and soul. Vital principle is accepted by other alternative systems of medicine. Eventhough many scientific studies favours the efficacy and understanding of our system of medicine, the action of the drug on this vital principle cannot be studied by scientific parameters. Moreover, Research based studies on the name of drug, name of the diseases, conventional methods with placebo controls are also not applicable, because Homoeopathic prescription needs individualistic study.

             Prescription is an art; it differs from one's perception from others. It is just like blind men describing the parts of an elephant. We prescribe the medicines based on the most symptom similarity. The mode of selection of the drug differs in analysis, evaluation, interpretation for the first prescription. Many homoeopaths are very successful in perceiving and applying their experience. This artistic talent varies and gives clue to the younger generation.

       The first prescription always tracks the correct path and rapid cure. We adopt varieties of prescription for the acute and chronic case. Hahnemann had contributed the theory of chronic disease to treat the incurable cases. The name and fame to homoeopathy is accredited with his wonderful guidelines in selecting the difficult cases.

       In this issue authors have given the clinical guidelines for the practice. Every case should deeply analyzed for erecting the totality and the type of prescription, selection of potency on the choice of the physician. Individualization with evidence based studies would help our system to enter the mainstream and also aids scientific contribution.

with regards