October 2010|Vol 7|Issue 10

October 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 9


A case of Hyperthyroidism with infertility


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        A case of Hyperthyroidism with secondary infertility has been successful treated at AKP Homoeopathic Clinical research Center. Dr.D.Manju, the Residential Medical officer has compiled the case and presented here.

        A female aged 28 years presented the features of hyperthyroidism since 4 years, She presented the following complaints
    Swelling in the neck
    Palpitation with tremor < Exertion,
    Profuse sweating, all over, more on face, armpits.< walking
    Loss of weight since three years
    Irregular periods
    Hair loss
    Inability to concentrate on her works and restless
    Pain and numbness in both lower limbs

    History of present complaints:
        Initially she had moderate swelling in the neck and palpitation; She underwent check up, the thyroid scan revealed enlargement and thyroid profile showing elevation in the T3,T4 and low TSH levels, revealing the typical features of hyperthyroidism.(Refer the plate I and II) She had conventional medicine. She got married, conceived after six months and aborted on the third month of gestational period. She is thin, moderately built medium complexioned.


    Life space
        She had was healthy during childhood, after menarche she discontinued her school. Employed as a laborer in a factory for few years. When she developed palpitation, irritability; discontinued her job. Had conventional treatment for her complaints. Married and conceived after few years, miscarriage and her complaints disturbed her personal life very much. Depressed and worried about her future.

    Past History
        Had been vaccinated for all communicable disease
        History of recurrent fever with cold
        H/o Chicken pox when nine years old

    Family History
        Paternal grandfather - Diabetic
        Mother - Hypertensive
        No Familial diathesis for thyroid disorders
        Physical Generals
        Appetite – More
        Thirst - Normal
        Stool - Normal
        Urine - Normal
        Sweat - Profuse
        Sleep - Normal
        Food Type - Non Vegetarian
        Has the habits of tea, coffee drinking
        Mental Generals
        Mental, intellectual state of mind is very calm, sometimes irritable, restless, fear of death

    Menstrual History:
        Menarche at the age of fourteen, Periods are regular for the first two years, Irregular since four years

    First prescription
    Thuja 1M / tds for one day
    Placebo for 14 days.

    The first prescription Thuja was prescribed considering the sycotic miasm, then iodum was followed as the right choice of the remedy matching the totality. The miastmatic drug also used as an intercurrent at regular intervals removed the basic disease force and the action was so deep in this case. The swelling in the neck was reduced, reciprocally the indicated remedy Iodum has alleviated the complaints and aided fertility also . In chronic cases it is an experience that to begin with the miasmatic drug in high potency and followed with the indicated remedy in low potency will save our time, remove the blocks in recovery and excel great in clinical practice.