October 2010|Vol 7|Issue 10

October 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 9


A case of gangrene


Dr. S. Chidambaranathan, B.H.M.S., M.D (hom)
24 E New Mahalipatti Road,
Madurai -625 001.
Mobile : 98431-91011
Website: www.drcheena.com
E-mail: drcheena@yahoo.com

        Dr. Chidambaranathan, a leading practitioner practices at the temple city of Tamil Nadu Madurai, rendering service for the past sixteen years. He had written many articles, presented scientific papers in scientific conferences. He served as member of the Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical Council and as social worker, organizer of public events for the development of Homoeopathy.

        A 68 years old male, retired teacher consulted me for Low back pain since 2 years. He was tall thin with medium complexion.

    H/O present complaints
    Initially he had dull aching pain in the low back and subsequently underwent routine examination. The imaging studies revealed Lumbar spondylitis with prolapsed discs in the L4 and L5 levels. He wishes to opt for homoeopathic treatment since the pain killers brings gastric complaints.

    Mental Generals
    Highly intellectual, keen observer - wants perfection in everything
    Physical Generals
    Appetite - Normal
    Thirst - Normal
    Stool - Normal
    Urine - Normal
    Sweat - Normal
    Sleep - Normal
    Food Type - Non Vegetarian
    Desire: Sweets
    Habits of taking tea and coffee daily 2-3 cups, Not a Smoker or Drunkard

    Past History
    He was a known Diabetic patient for the past 4 years and had been under the control with allopathic Medicines. He used to have gastric complaints on and off.

    Family History
    Father - Diabetic
    Mother - Nothing particular
    Brother - Hypertensive and diabetic

    First prescription 18-4-09
    Lycopodium lM one dose
    Placebo / bd

    Follow up 1 25-5-2009

    Feels better – repeated Lycopodium lM one dose at monthly
    intervals for two more months with placebo

    Follow up 2 2-8-2009
    C/o Burping and constipation
    Mild low back pain < early morning
    Lycopodium lM one dose
    Placebo TDS / for one month

    Follow up 3 18-10-2009
    Had numbness in the left great toe with discolouration
    No Pain
    Fasting Blood Sugar was 150 mg /ml
    Doppler study ruled out thrombus formation and revealed normal blood vessels.
    Pulsation in extremities -Normal
    Refer the Photograph Before
    Secale cor 30 / 4 pills / QID for 5 days
    Adviced to stop medicines and start with Back pain medicines (Placebo/ BD) after seeing improvement

    Follow up 4 19-11-2009
    On 24th he called me over phone and told he feels improvement and started with Back pain medicines – He came after one month for review - now the discoloration was completely vanished
    Refer the Photograph After
    R/x Lycopodium 1m
    Placebo / Bd

    The discoloration is sequel of Diabetes Mellitus. Even though he was under the control of allopathic medicines for Diabetes, Homoeopathy has rescued the patient from gangrene. Now the patient is relieved from low back pain and also from dreadful gangrene lesion.