Oct 2011|Vol 8|Iss 10

A case of Varicose Ulcer


Dr. Nirmala Dua is a leading academician and clinician, Assistant Professor, in Homoeopathic Medical College at Chandigarh. She has teaching and clinical experience more than twenty two years. Here she presents a case of Varicose ulcer. She can be contacted at Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Sector-26, Chandigarh.


       A female aged 49 years consulted me for her varicose ulcer suffering since four years, She had discolored lesion with pain in the right lower leg . A Ulcer was seen in the medial part of the right leg. She had burning pain, swelling with itching .She also had sticky discharge with blood sometimes attributed sometimes. Pain < raising leg

Case Analysis

After taking her case the following rubrics’ were taken after listening n analyzing her case
MIND - SUICIDAL disposition
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - mortification
MIND - DELUSIONS - criticized, she is
EXTREMITIES - ULCERS - Ankle - painful
GENERALS - VARICOSE veins - itching

On the basis of this Lachesis came out to be the medicine

First Prescription                      2/09/2010
    Lachesis 30C

Follow Up 1                               20/09/2010
• Tiredness of the both thighs
• Sensation as if mouth is filled with excessive saliva..Though mouth is normal
• Swelling increased very much and frequent urination started
• All these symptoms remained for 3-4 days and then subsides by itself
    Lachesis 200C one dose

Follow Up 2                              29/09/2010

Pain better


Follow Up 3                              6/11/2011

Vertigo with darkness of eyes last for 15 to 20 minutes

Follow Up 4                              20/11/2011

Ulcer was better and free from pain
Refer the photographs that taken during and after treatment