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Workshop on Hurdles in Clinical practice


      CHENNAI.SEP.11. The IHMA Chennai Chapter conducted a one day workshop on overcoming the hurdles of clinical practice at LIFE Auditorium; Loyola College Chennai. Dr. Mathews Jo welcomed the delegates. The chief Guest Dr.Gnanasambandam garlanded the photo of Dr.Hahnemann and stressed on the importance of understanding the medico legal aspects in clinical practice. The first session was on the role of communication in patient management by Dr.Anantharaman. He explained the need of assertive behavior and sincerity in the communication with the patient. The session was chaired by Dr. Mathews Jo.

     Mr.Kumaran, an advocate next spoke on consumer rights and medical practice. He reiterated the need of proper case documentation in the clinics. Dr.Aleem delivered his lecture on medico legal aspects in homoeopathic practice. He spoke on the need of the physician being alert and never to give medicines to any patient without seeing him/her.

      The post lunch session Dr.P.V.Venkataraman discussed on the importance of general management. He elaborated on the importance of Vitamin D, diagnosing leptospirosis and timely referrals to a senior doctor or a hospital when the physician is at doubt. Dr.Jayesh Sanghvi chaired the session. The last presentation of the day was done by Dr.Nagendra Babu who explained the various types of patients who come to a physician and the ways to tackle them effectively. Dr.Ravindran was the chair person of this lecture. Dr. Prince vijayarajan proposed the vote of thanks. Dr. Nritiya. D.Dave compered the event.