October 2012|Volume 9|Issue 10
Oct 2012|Vol 9|Issue 10


Sycosis… in similimum

Dear Readers,
       Today many homoeopaths excel in practice by making their prescription based on miasms in treating the chronic disease . Hahnemann had laid down the fundamental principles in order to achieve the desired result. At the same time he also classified the clinical presentation into different classes, types, and sub-types with a clear message. He emphasizes to treat the chronic diseases by understanding the miasms.

         Hahnemann postulated the miasmatic theory when he was concerned about the failures even after prescribing the most similar remedy to his patients, particularly in chronic disease. We understand from his writings that he has begun to consider this problem in depth from 1816 or 1817 and after many years of thought and effort he came to the discovery of miasm.

      The theory of miasms originates in Hahnemann's book, The Chronic Diseases which was published in 1828, after the result of 12 years of the most painstaking work on difficult cases of a chronic character combined with his own historical research.

      We invited articles on Sycosis, which received lot of submissions. The authors had presented their articles on its evolution, understanding, physical and mental level of manifestations. These would help to understand the sycotic manifestations and apply clinically to the patients. We know that miasmatic prescription is constitutional prescription, which includes the acquired and inherited state.

      We are successfully leaping into 10th year of publication and our board is planning to title the themes which are useful to our clinical practice and more on evidence based studies. We thank all for immense support for the uplifment of our system.

with regards