Oct 2012|Vol 9|Iss 10

A case of Hypogonadism


Dr. S. Prabhakaran is a leading practitioner practicing at karur city. He had been graduated from Government Homoeopathy Medical College, Calicut and finished his post Graduation at Vinayaka Missions Homoeopathy Medical College Salem. His case studies are evidence based and has twenty years experience. He can be contacted at Manjula Homoeo Clinic,14, New Street,Karur – 639001, Ph: (04324) – 231726,Mobile: 94434 11173,Email: prabhu.mhc@gmail.com.


         A boy aged 24 years came to me with complaint of retarded secondary sexual character.

Past history

At the age of 12 he had a mumps with native treatment recovered.
At the age of 17 he had a typhoid fever and treated in allopathy and recovered.

Family history

Nothing significant. Father dead by accident in his childhood

Physical generals

Appetite: Good
Desire: Meat, fish, Egg
Aversion: Spicy food
Thirsty: Thirsty - takes 3 liters water/Day
Bowel: Irregular bowel habit
Urine: Regular
Sweat: Profuse perspiration
Thermal: Chilly
Sleep: Good, Need half covering
Dream: not specific


         Mild gender identity disorder (Not a case of Transgender)

Mental general

Famine nature
Very sensitive to criticism
Very honesty
Sincere in work, he came to my clinic at right time and date (Diligent).

Life Space

         He was born and brought up in a middle class family. His father died at his early age. His mother looks care of him. He was grown along with his three elder sisters. He worked in a fancy store, where he feels more comfort than male working places. He was not able to move easily with boys but was friendly and comfortable with girls, which sometimes put him into practical problem and stress. The way he talked and his behaviors were feminine. He was having fear of marriage life and lack of self confidence in sexual life. The major problem with him was, he believes that he will become women. He feels happy when he wears woman’s dress. He had a round sticker Bindi on his forehead. He avoids marriage because of fear about sexual life and distress and disability about his gender.

Clinical Examination

         Fair complexion and fatty boy. All his sexual organs are normal, except moderate enlargement of breast either side.
On routine blood investigation all the blood parameters are normal except mild testosterone hormone level reduction other hormone including LH, FSH, T3, T4, TSH Etc... and blood counts are normal.

Rubrics Taken

First prescription                            19-02-2008

         Calc carb 1M/1 dose given
After few months of medication there were show changes in his life style. First things I noticed is instead of sticker round bindi he had holy ash on his forehead. The blood report for serum testosterone was 189.2ng (Refer Plate I).


Follow Up 1                                     23-04-2008

Followed by placebo

Follow Up 2                                     21-08-2008

         He had a changes in his way of dressing. He was in jeans and T-Shirts. (Previously he use to wear a jibba or some times dothy and shirts)

Follow Up 3                                     18-11-2008

         Calc carb 10 M / 1 dose given.

After few months he changed his job from fancy store. He took up a job in textile, where he got the company of boys. Where he started comfortable with them.

Follow Up 4                                     02-02-2010

         He got confidence of marriage. Gradually he accepted the marriage and got married. After 1 and half years he got a male child and running his family smoothly. The blood report for serum testosterone was 327.6ng (Refer Plate I).


         Patient is slow and obese, thermally chilly, thirsty and diligent nature. All covers the remedy calc carb which will rule out the similar rank remedy such as puls, medorrhinum etc.