Oct 2012|Vol 9|Iss 10

A case of Allergic Dermatitis


Dr.H.Fabeetha Yasmin , BHMS
Govt.Homoeopathy Medical College and Hospital


         A thirty nine years old female presented the scaling and peeling of the skin in the back since 2 months with black desquamation . The lesions initially started as a small reddish macules which turned black later on.
She had itching < after perspiration Burning after scratching > warm water.

Past History

No relevant history
Had itching 1 year before. Had severe itching for 1 month. Took allopathic treatment.


         Received BCG, polio, DPT vaccination

Family History

         No relevant history

Physical Generals

Appetite - Good
Thirst - Drink small quantity of water frequently
Stool - Regular
Urine - Regular
Sweat - Sweating all over the body during slight exertion
Sleep - Good
Increased palpitation on exertion
Food Type - Non Vegetarian
Easily exhausted from least exertion

Mental Generals

Wants to be clean. Wants cleanliness in al her work.
Wants discipline in all her works.

Menstrual History

         Attained menarche at the age of 15 years. Regular 3/30 days, no clots present , not offence , lower abdominal pain during the first day of flow present.

Obstetric History

         Get married at the age of 18 years. Inferitile due to oligo spermia in his partner and takes allopathic treatment for 20 years without fertility and stops for past 2 years.

General Examination

Well built, well nourished, not aneamic, not cynosed, no generalised lymphadenopathy
Bp-120/80mm of hg
Systemic Examination
CVS,RS, CNS-normal.

Local Examination
         Black coloured patches present all over the body with ill defined margin. No redness around the discoloured area. No discharge.


         Allergic dermatitis

Miasmatic Diagnosis


Totality of Symptoms

• Black discolouration present all over the body.
• Severe burning pain over the discoloured area present.
• Burning pain is better by application of warm water.
• Easily exhausted from slight exertion.
• Drinks small quantity of cold water frequently.

First prescription                            25.7.2012

         Arsenicum album -0/1—5 doses
          Rubrum 20 dose

FOLLOW UP  1                                   1.8.12
Itching reduced.
Discolouration persist

          S L-14 dose

FOLLOW UP  2                                  8.8.12

Itching completely redused
Discolouration slightly redused

          Rubrum -14 doses

FOLLOW UP 3                                  15.8.12

Itching absent.
Patches slightly increased

          Arsenicum album-0/1-3 doses
          Rubrum-14 doses

FOLLOW UP 4                                  22.8.12

Itching completely redused
Discolouration completely redused

          Rubrum-14 doses

FOLLOW UP 5                                  29.8.12

 No discolouration
 Patient is normal

          Rubrum 7dose
          S L 7 dose