Oct 2012|Vol 9|Iss 10

A case of ovarian cyst


Dr. Jairaj M Patil M.D.(Hom)
Asst. Prof of Materia Medica
Bharatesh Homoeopathic Medical college & Hospital
BC 188, Fort Road
Karnataka– 590016,
Mob: 09448866996


         A 26 year old female married presented with severe colic type of pain in right iliac fossa since 8 to 10 days she had shown to local doctors and taken allopathic medicine but there was no relief. There is no H/o fever, nausea, vomiting or loose motion, no h/o of burning micturation, Menses were regular.

       She got married 5 years back and has a female healthy child. No h/o of copper ‘‘T” or tubectomy. O/E all general examination finding appeared within normal limits, except mild anemia. With high index of suspicion of possibilities of ureteric calculi she was referred for USG abdomen to rule out appendicitis, ureteric calculi, ectopic pregnancy and etc.
The ultrasound report revealed right sided ovarian cyst measuring of 3.5X3.8cm size, which was probable cause for the pain and tenderness in right iliac fossa.In between she has consulted gynecologist who advised laparoscopic bursting of ovarian cyst or removal right ovary.

Physical Generals

Appetite: Adequate
Desire: Spicy
Aversion: Not specific
Thirst: Thirsty
Bowels: Regular, once per day
Sleep: Sound
Dreams: No specific

Disease Diagnosis

       Unilateral ovarian cyst

Diagnosis of Remedy

       The characteristic symptoms were not available in this case , based on pathpology and sphere of action with reference to Willium Borriecke ,Oophorinum was selected.

First prescription

       Oophorinum 200 3 doses and PL for 15 days.

Follow-up 1

After 15 days
Marked improvement in her pain and no other complaints
R/x PL

Follow-up 2
Slight pain complained by patient
Oophorinum 200 3 doses and PL for 15 days.

       For subsequent follow-ups patient was symptom less after 3 months repeat Ultrasound was done which revealed complete resolution of right ovarian cyst. Since then patient is symptom less.


       In this case she has one female child and the couple was crazy to go for another child. Surgical intervention certainly would affect chances of pregnancy and hence I felt not to surrender the patient for such surgical interventions. And I advised homoeopathic line of treatment for 2 to 3 months to hope for complete remission of the cyst so that chances of pregnancy will remain unaffected. Accordingly I took advice from my homoeopathic colleague and above medicine was prescribed. This was purely based on clinical prescription. Now I am convinced that these medicines work and bring about the desired effect in the sick, and even it is becoming clear that surgical interventions can also be avoided in number of cases.