October 2012|Volume 9|Issue 10
Oct 2012|Vol 9|Issue 10

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      Sycosis… in similimum Dr.R.Gnanasambandam

Dr. V. Karunakar
      Manifestation of sycosis Dr. Aditi Samanta
      Reflections of a sycotic mind Dr. Kaushik D. Das
      Sycosis and psychiatry Dr.K.Manikanda Perumal
      An over view of sycotic miasm R. Shinde Abasaheb

    A case of Hypogonadism Dr. S. Prabhakaran
    A case of Allergic Dermatitis Dr.H.Fabeetha Yasmin
    A case of Goitre Dr. K. Savitha
    A case of ovarian cyst Dr. Jairaj M Patil

College Focus  
    RVS Homoeopathy Medical College  

     Dr. Amy Lansky Dr.K.Savitha

Web peep  
     www.hmaicongress.in Dr.D.Manju

      Salem Corporation gets four dispensaries
      IHML demands new pathway to GHMC
      Update 2012  
      Chennai Corporation gets more dispensaries -Deputy Mayor  
      AHML conference held at Mussoorie  
      Clinical Meet at GHMC held  
      IHML launched 5th Chapter at Trichy  
      Dengue preventive camp  
      CME held at Guntur  

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