Oct 2013|Volume 10|Issue 10
Oct 2013|Vol 10|Issue 10

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Guest Editorial  
      Relevance of Dreams in Homoeopathy Dr. Girish Gupta

Dr. Nikunj J. Jani
      Dynamism in Dreams Dr. Anurudh Verma
      Consideration of symptoms in Acute cases Dr. Pawan Dviwedi

    A Case of Pleural Effusion Dr.S.Ilango
    A case of Psoriasis Dr.S.Arul Manickam
    A case of endometriosis, Renal Calculus and hepatomegaly Dr.Anuradha Raja

College Focus  
    C. N. Kothari Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Center  

     Dr. Amarsinha D. Nikam Dr.K.Savitha

Web peep  
     www.provings.info Dr.D.Manju

      Homoeopathy education will soon be standardized
      Homoeopathy workshop at Imphal
      CCH officials met Bihar Governor
      AIHMS hosted a seminar
      CCH President laid foundation stone
      SBL’s seminar on mental health
      Evidence based research needed says Dr. Arun Jamkar Vice Chancellor

Legal Corner
      TNHMC Registrar Case appeal Dismissed
      Colourful Imitation of Degrees are punishable

Medi Quiz