Oct 2013|Volume 10|Issue 10
Oct 2013|Vol 10|Issue 10

Guest Editorial
Relevance of Dreams in Homoeopathy

Dear readers,
      Dreams have always mystified all branches of medical science. No one so far has understood the causes behind dreams. Some theories say that these are due to suppressed emotions, ambitions and unfulfilled desires. It is, however, not true in all cases. Hence dreams still remain unexplored. One thing is definite that dreams represent unconscious state of mind on which the dreamer has no hold.

         When a person dreams, the brain perceives the entire scene as real because brain never sleeps. The impact of dream in a person is definite whether positive in case of pleasant dreams or negative in case of horrible ones. Neurochemicals/Neurotransmitters secreted in the brain of dreamer lead to a series of biochemical changes in the person’s body.

     It is only homoeopathy in which dreams have not only been understood but they could also be annihilated by prescribing remedy which, during drug proving, has produced dreams similar to the ones experienced by the patient. They could be pleasant, fearful, horrible clairvoyant, long forgotten past events like childhood, very old friends, school days and the circumstances of old times.

     The most interesting fact is that Homeopathy has studied and recorded all sorts of dreams in Materia Medica produced during drug proving. Many repertories have a full section on dreams. Dr. Hahnemann has placed dreams at the apex among mental general symptoms like fears, delusions, will and understanding. If a drug covers one or more dreams of a patient, a number of drugs covering other symptoms can be eliminated. I myself have verified these fact innumerable times and cured advanced pathological conditions like Uterine Fibroid, Ovarian Cyst, Psoriasis, Hypothyroidism, Vitiligo and so on by drug selected on the basis of dreams only. My dear physicians, why don’t you also try and verify this fact in your clinical practice

with regards
Dr. Girish Gupta