Oct 2013|Vol 10|Iss10

A Case of Psoriasis


Dr.S. Arul Manickam BHMS
Velumathi Classical Homoeo Clinic
Thiruvarur, Tamilnadu.


       A girl aged fourteen years presented scaling and peeling of skin since one year. Eruptions also presented along affected area. Complaints < in winter > in summer. Itching < night, after bathing, bleeding after scratching. Scales are extremely more in extremities

• Sweating in upper lip, neck
• Eruption -<winter
• Winter desire
• Summer aversion
• (Sweating, heat, -aversion)
• Fan –maximum in all climates
• Covering aversion maximum in all climate
• Bathing normal water in all season
• Motion—not satisfied, alternating day, difficulty to pass stool.
• Pain during stool, bleeding occasionally.
• Urine-normal
• Menses—10 days lasting from last 4 months, regular.
• Dream- Lot of snakes is surrounding circularly, nobody is there except me and my mother. That is a critical situation. Nobody is there to secure them. We are calling for help. I think that we are going to die. Then the snake went out. I felt that we escaped from that situation. God has secured me.
• Desire—curd rice, pepper pongal—pepper gives the taste to pongal.


1. She wants amusement and entertainment

2. She wants tasty food

3. She wants exiting and stimulating game. She wants liveliness

4. She wants pleasure and cheerfulness

5. She feels that time pass slowly (boredom)

6. enjoying with good food, playing, she wants pleasurable place like sceneries, temple, garden,zoo, mountain,sun,river,man going in a boat, nature, house with garden trees,birds,sun rise and sun set, fish


Mind - Amusement - desire for- Piper Methysticum

Generals - Food And Drinks - delicacies – desire- Cubeba Officinalis
Generals - Food And Drinks - fruit - desire – sour- Cubeba Officinalis

First prescription                         3/1/12

      Cubeba Officinalis 200 1

Follow Up 1                                   14/3/12

Fever and cough lasting for 2 days
Sleep was good
Itching better
Head scaly completely disappeared
Over all 50% eruption disappeared
Motion –no difficulty, no bleeding
Intensity of desperation is less compare to before

Follow Up 2                                   11/6/12

Eruption almost gone, no itching, no scarring, eruption completely disappeared.Sleep-good.no dreams. Stool-regular without straining
Mentally she feels well; she was started going to school. Now she was very much interested in studies. She was easily mingled with other children. The neglected feeling is almost gone. She was very much happy with her recovery.

Follow Up 3                                   2/11/12

No recurrence of eruption, generally she feels well. She was visited various amusing places and she enjoyed herself.
Follow Up 4                                   1/4/13

Mild tiny eruption in the knee and finger, mild itching lasting 1 month
She came to me 5 month after due to fear of eruption will recur.

      Cubeba Officinalis 200/1d

Follow Up 5                                   8/5/13

Tiny eruption totally disappeared, no itching

Follow Up 6                                   3/6/13

No recurrence, she was healthy physically and mentally. Placebo was prescribed

Follow Up 7                                   13/7/13

No recurrence, she studied well, the enjoyment, amusement desire is less compare to before.