Oct 2017|Volume 14|Issue 10
Oct 2017|Vol 14|Issue 10

Ranunculaceae… a comprehensive study

Dear Readers,

       The title on “Ranunculaceae” has received many submissions from students, faculties and physicians. The editorial team has compiled articles to fulfill all requirements on this topic. The views and clinical experiences on this topic will be beneficial for the entire community.

     The evidence based case histories would give enough inspiration and encouragement to the budding homoeopaths to handle similar case. The request on infertility made us think republication on success stories on infertility to inspire the possibility in variety of nosological classifications.

     Few physicians suggested to increase the number of pages and publish more research papers and articles from banyans of Homoeopathy. Many suggest including more case histories with evidence based documents which is required for this modern era. Editorial team is planning to fulfill these requirements in future
     The TNHMC has published the genuine entries in the Medical Register in Tamil Nadu Government and our journal published the TN Homoeo Directory 2017 which served as connecting tool to all in every aspects of Homoeopathic service. The Tamil Nadu Government also had penetrated police action against the previous officials for fake bogus entries.
     Many state had requested to compile their state directory which could be a great task, we have invited the local organizations to contribute the list of updated address and publish in future