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Dr. Jonathan Hardy
   Dr. Jonathan Hardy studied Zoology at Oxford University and obtained an Honours degree in 1978. He then studied Medicine at Southampton University and qualified in 1984. When he was a medical student at Southampton University they had to conduct some original research. He chose to do a trial of the Homeopathic treatment of house dust allergy, which causes sneezing and itchy eyes.

     It has even been used as an excuse by teenagers for not making their beds! The trial showed a statistically significant benefit of the Homeopathic remedy compared to a placebo ( blank pills with no active ingredient). Several of the patients experienced permanent relief of their symptoms. His supervisor, who became a well known professor of respiratory medicine, was amazed and impressed. The results were so conclusive that they were one of the reasons he chose to enter full-time Homeopathic practice shortly after qualifying in medicine in 1984.
     Then he became a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy in 1988 and since then has worked fulltime on the south coast of England as a Homeopathic doctor. He practices classical Homeopathy since 1986, combining the time-tested traditional techniques with the exciting new methods developed by the well- known Homeopathic teachers of the last twenty years.
     He serves as the Wessex Regional Tutor for the Faculty of Homeopathy, organizing postgraduate training in Homeopathy for doctors in the region. He was asked to give seminars on various aspects of Homeopathic practice throughout the UK and Europe.

He can be contacted at

The Homeopathic Clinic
13a North Street,Havant,
Hampshire, PO9 1PW
Tel: 023 9247 1757
Email: drjonathanhardy@havant-homeopathic.co.uk