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Oct 2017|Volume 14|Issue 10
Oct 2017|Vol 14|Issue 10

Amazing Victory in CCH Election Dr.R.Gnanasambandam wins !

        Dr.R.Gnanasambandam, Former President, Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical Council declared elected as member to the Central Council of Homoeopathy representing the Tamil Nadu state. The Returning officer M.S.Shanmugam, IAS, Additional secretary to Industries Department declared Dr.R.Gnanasambandam has secured highest number of votes and declared as elected member of the central council of Homoeopathy after counting at Industrial Department Meeting Chamber, Secretariat, Chennai 600009 on 22-9-2017. All the contestents present with their agents except Dr.B.Manikandan and Dr.S. Sudhagar
        Dr. R. Gnanasambandam, Former president Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical Council received 1236 votes, About 641 Votes for Dr.S. Balamurali Krishnan; 417 votes for Dr.M. Fakrudeen; 90 votes for Dr.N. Balaji, 61 votes for Dr.S.Palanivel, 25 votes for Dr.K.Pandarinathan, 23 votes for Dr.B.Manikandan, and 11 votes for Dr.S.Sudhagar had been found valid votes

        After the publication of Medical Register and issuing the 2D bar code only 5487 voters had been enrolled in the elector roll and only 2774 covers received. The Bulk register of votes, Courier votes, the covers without Xerox copy of valid proof identifications about 246 were rejected. In the Ballot covers 2449 covers taken for counting and out of which 16 found voted many, remarks on candidates name, special markings disqualified by the authorities
        The polling officers with 13 tables scrutinized the covers with Declaration and identity proof at 11 am and finished around 3.30 pm, counting started at 3.45 pm in the presence of Thiru M.S.Shanmugam, IAS, returning officer, Thiru G. Rajasekharan, Assistant Returning officer and Registrar, TNHMC and the Election observer Shri .Yasha Veer Singh , Under Secretary, Department of AYUSH
        Dr.R.Gnanasambandam leaded the others from first round , amazingly super leaded the all, ballots seeking second tray for pouring the votes and ranked as higher receiver of voting Thiru M.S. Shanmugam IAS , Returning officer issued the Certificate to him and declared elected

        The previous election for central council of Homoeopathy about 17,000 voters listed hence two members Dr.G.P.Hahnemann and Dr.G.Nirmal represented the Tamil Nadu State. After publication of Medical Register removing all fake entries and impersonated certificates from the Registry only 5487 found fit to register and vote the CCH Election and reversibly the Department AYUSH declared only one member
        Dr.Hahnemann did not contest since Central Crime Branch of Commissioner of Police filed FIR in connection with impersonated certificate issue and his intimate Dr.G.Nirmal filed nomination and withdrawn.
        Dr. G. P. Hahnemann supported Dr.S.Balamurali krishnan who was defeated by the winner with high margin of votes difference and all other candidates. Quality and quantity of committed tasks endorsed by the winner towards development of Homoeopathy in publishing the Medical Register with integration of all practitioners and TN directories and personal interests had crowned this amazing victory !