Workshop on Vitiligo commemorating

the World Vitiligo day 2017


  Homoeotimes , journal on Clinical evidence published by AKP Homoeopathy Clinical Research Center in association with Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy  organized a Vitiligo Workshop at Hotel Deccan Plaza on 25th June 2017, commemorating the World Vitiligo day . The AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research center and Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy collaborated this event . The workshop has been   organized exclusively to bring the efficacy of Homoeopathy in Vitiligo treatment by the Homoeopathy experts. 62 experts from all over India participated in the workshop 
                The event begun with prayer .Dr.A.S. Manikavel,  inaugurated the event  by lighting  traditional lamp ,accompanying Dr.Kolli Raju  Officer I/s CCRH. CRU ,Chennai ,Dr.Vasudevan, Dr.P.V.Venkataraman, Dr.M.Ravindran, and  Dr.Mathew Jo. Dr.A.S.Manikavel Garlaned the Hahnemann’s bust . Dr.R.Gnannasambandam, editor, Homoeo Times , welcomed all and introduced  all  to the forum. 

The first session of the Workshop reviewed the Vitiligo literature   by the presentations  by experts in the  field. The topic  was explored by  Dr.Monalisa John ,Rea der,Venkateswara Homoeopathy Medical College explored the topic “Clinical pathogenis of Vitiligo”  ; Prof.                 Dr. Nagendra Babu , Sri Sairam Homoeopathy Medical College  detailed the  applicability of  Homoeopathic perspectives on the topic “ Applied  organon in Vitiligo treatment”  Prof.Dr.Britto Wilbert Dass, Vice Principal, Venkateswara Homoeopathy Medical College, illustrated the    Vitiligo therapeutics  and  the topic Diet and Ancillary mode of treatment was shared by Dr. P. Sunitha,Lecturer, Sri Sairam Homoeopathy Medical College Chennai.  Dr  S.Navaneetha Krishnan, Dr. Dr Raj Sanghavi  explained  the “Updates in Modern Medicine in Vitiligo treatment”  

 The session on evidence based studies in Vitiligo treatment was shared by senior clinicians. Prof Dr.Ak.Gupta, New Delhi;Prof.Dr.Shreepad Hegde, Bangalore ;Dr R Gnanasambandam Chennai;Dr.P. Mukundan Salem;Dr.Peter Martin, Chennai Dr.R.D.Pavalan  , Madurai and.K.S.Anandhi ,Erode.  The  speakers  illustrareted with audio visual presentations on Vitiligo cures evidence based  studies 
   The  Research update session followed  by the presentations    Scientists  representing the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy  endorsed their special projects on Vitiligo  with evidence based studies  .Dr. Lipipushpa, Research officer cum Scientist 2 HDRI, Lucknow  detailed the Research Updates on Vitiligo by CCRH.Dr R  . Bhuvaneswari, Research officer cum Scientist -1  National Homoeopathy Research  Institute In Mental Health, Kottayam, Kerala illustrated the  Observational Study to Evaluate Response to Homoeopathic treatment In Vitiligo , Dr.Kolli Raju , Research officer  cum  Scientist 4 Central Research Unit for  Homoeopathy ,Chennai narrated the  Vitiligo projects carried out in Chennai unit


 The  Clinical session  with experts  illustrated the cured cases, progressive and non progressive cases in vitiligo treatment . The session was shared  by the presentations  of  the clinicians Dr.Anitha Ashwini,Chennai ;Dr D Durai Raj,Tirunelveli;Dr. Rekha Srinivasan,Chennai; Dr. A.R. Tagore,Chennai,Dr.Agnes  Joy,Dr.K.S.Senthil Kumaran,Prof.GHMC,Tirumangalam ;Dr. Andrew leo,Assitant Medical Officer, Chennai; Dr R.Samaran,Associate Professor,MHMC,Coimbatore DrS..Alwin babu,Chennai; Dr.S.Senthil Mohan,Erode, Dr.Victor Dass ,Erode;Dr. Sasikumar ,Erode;  Dr R,.Mugilan.Kumbakonam;Dr. M.Balaji Venkataramanan ,Vellore;  Dr .A.Felix Clifford,Tuticorin,Dr. Sherin  James ,Chennai;Dr. T. Arumugam, Chennai and Dr. M.Thamarai Kannan,Vellore

           Finally the Panel discussion held to outline the perspectives of Homoeopathy in Vitiligo treatment. Dr.R.Gnanambandam, editor, Homoeo Times Chaired the session,Dr.P.V.Venkataraman, Dr.Sandhya , Dr.Bibin  Verghese , Dr.Smitha,Dr.Kushali Gambhir participated alon with panelists .  The following resolutions  and recommendations were drawn for attention of Scientific community , Government and public   

  1. Homoeopathy proves that most of the vitiligo cases (70%) can be treated effectively. The presentations proved both localized and generalized types respond to Homoeopathic remedies more effectively. The facts prove that the Vitiligo responds  to oral Homoeopathic medication and do not need any external  application .
  1. Vitiligo is long termed illness, requires patience in treatment , Hence the most dynamised  Homoeopathic medicines  preferable  without any side effects . The Homoeopathic Medicines are cost effective which is affordable to everyone .
  2. Workshop discussed various triggering factors  in Vitiligo like  Chemical indulgence such as use of more fertilizers , pesticides ,synthetics, cosmetics,fast food , processed food and life style  and digestive  tract  infestations  such as  worms and Amoebiasis  
  3. The Workshop  congratulates the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy  for holding exclusive research projects  in Vitiligo  proving the efficacy of Homoeopathy most promtly. Hence the work shop recommends Central  and State Government to create exclusive Vitiligo Clinics. Also recommends the Department of Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy, Government of Tamil Nadu and the Ministry of AYUSH Government of India to start special out Patient departments and Research Centers.
  4. The workshop recommends Collective effort to drive extensive global Vitiligo Awareness Programs.
  5. Efficacy of Homoeopathic medicine in vitiligo  as ascertained by  58 experts endorsed  70 % success rate.
  6. The following Homoeopathic Medicines has been mostly found effective are Arsenicum Album, Acid Nit, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Natrum Mur, Silicia Etc...
  7. Difficult cases in Vitiligo with poor response can be studied with a committee of expert panel of minimum 5 Homoeopathic Experts.

Dr.P. Mukundan Co ordinate this work shop, Dr.Monalisa John moderated and technical assistance was provided by Dr.N.Karthiga . Sel, A.Krithiga anchored the entire event