Sep 2015|Volume 12|Issue 9
Sep 2015|Vol 12|Issue 9

Uterine fibroids …

Dear Readers,

         We are happy to receive the submissions for the title uterine fibroids and there is a vacuum case study with evidence based studies. However we already published quite number of case studies with evidence based documents in the earlier issues at frequent intervals to understand the efficacy of a similimum with scientific understanding

     Today uterine fibroids are very common in our clinical practice. A physician faces two vital expectations from patients, the main is disappearance of the growth evidently and another is profuse prolonged bleeding. A homoeopath plans his treatment usually with a miasmatic prescription to minimize the duration and few had expertise by using low potencies and mother tinctures to palliate blood loss successfully

     There are some inevitable cases which complicate a pregnancy had been successful with dynamic remedies. Hahnemann guided the invidualisation based on constitution with miasmatic interpretation to excel rapid cure to the patients

      We thank all authors for their submissions and expect more on clinical case studies with evidence based documents in breast lumps.

     Journal plans to publish a TN Homoeo Practitioner’s Directory. Hence we appeal to all to update their address to serve the scientific needs. We thank all for the overwhelming support continuously to our journal