Clinical Utility of Psora


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    Dr. Mansoor Ali received basic Medical Homoeopathic Qualification BHMS and Post Graduation from Govt.Homoeopathic Medical College, Calicut and appointed by the Government in the same college as tutor in Department of Repertory. He has authored many articles and presented many papers in scientific sessions. His web site is popular among students and practitioners. Here Dr.Mansoor Ali brings out the utility of psora clinically.

    The consideration of psoric miasms is of paramount importance in effective homoeopathic prescribing particularly in this world of multi-suppressions where perceiving a clear picture of disease is becoming increasingly difficult. Symptoms arising out of infection, inflammation, irritability etc come under psora.

    Psora causes a vulnerability of tissue, undermines the tissue resistance to foreign invasion, lessens the germ-destroying property possessed by certain cells, by the white blood corpuscles, blood serum, etc. Anti-psoric remedies restore this property and thus guard the organism. The psora directly affect the immune system and have the potential to produce idiopathic befallments, autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiency disorders. The miasm disease-tune the natural defensive forces of the organism perverting their actions causing the organism to attack its own healthy cells while masking the development of mutating cells. This is why miasmic diseases are very hard to cure without proper anti-miasmic treatment by constitutional homoeopathy.

    In one-sided disease

    The centrifugal action of the anti-psoric remedy brings suppressed symptoms to the surface and in so doing allows the proper totality to be framed. Clinical experience of the classical prescribers has shown that the best way to open up these cases is from the miasmatic viewpoint. We can perceive the surface miasm and treat it accordingly.

    Antenatal Prophylaxis

    Anti-psoric treatment, commencing at the anti-natal period, if possible, is the special field for homoeopathy for eradication of chronic disease and hereditary taints, homoeopathy promises to the patient investigator its most brilliant results. Guided by the law of cure and the peculiar Hahnemannian pathology, we can select medicines of homoeopathy. There is no doubt that such preventive, genuine homoeopathic treatment lessens forever the sum total of sickness in the world . One of the most common manifestations of psora, especially in children, is an abnormal course run by acute disease , they run a masked course, and apparently, well-chosen remedies fail to act. Diseases will take on sudden, rapid and dangerous development. The proper way to treat these, according to the light of homœopathy, is to select our remedy from the anti- psoric part of the Materia medica.


    To evaluate the homoeopathic prognosis of the case, as removal of layers of suppression are manifested as clarity of symptoms and also reflected by a quantum jump in the sense of well being. Deep acting anti-psoric medicines by virtue of their centrifugal action will remove the layers of suppression.

    The homoeopathic practice should be upgraded from the present levels of symptom totality to the holistic totality, which incorporates disease diagnosis and miasmatic diagnosis as the integral entities of the totality along with the characteristics

    By the proper understanding of psora, a homoeopathic physician has the power to fortell the destructive process of many chronic and to stop the development of conditions that may lead to fatal complications. Miasmatic approach is the only way for the diseased state to relive or palliate. We also have to find out which stage in the patient 's body which miasm is more active. If a homoeopath prescribes only on the basis of symptom which he hastily takes as allopaths do with pathological diagnosis, it will act only on the parts of the disease