Psora …the parent of all chronic diseases


Dr. Rajalakshmi Patra, BHMS
Dr.Hahnemann Homoeopathy Medical College


    Dr.Rajalakshmi Patra, Lecturer, Dr.Hahnemann Homoeopathy Medical College, Koneripatty, Rasipuram is a leading academician and involves in scientific teaching. Here she brings the clinical manifestation of psora with great comprehension .

    Nature is the ocean of treasures and secretes with the wave of time, sometime, some secrets float out from the deepest womb of nature and became the unsolved mystery for, the indwelling reason gifted mind of man. A scientific thought with the true inclination to chemistry the genius rebel, Dr.Hahnemann, who gifted the world the miraculous curative properties of mercury in venereal diseases syphilis and wine test to determine the adulteration in wine, tried to uncover the real main root of the never ending suffering which is troubling the mankind from the very ancient period. It required him the continuous strenuous effort of 12 years to discover the real hideous faces of the thousand-headed monster and the parent of all chronic diseases.

    The philosophical selfish, over sensitive restless, anxious attitude when existing in human body manifesting the mental sphere only, known as "LATENT PSORA" the thousand-headed octopus affects the internal economy of human being and produce symptoms.

    Reflection of Vital Organs

    Heart's affection with fear and disappointment. Some times due to over excitement. Functional Bradycardia gives feeling of increased circulation congestion, Hammering and other uncomfortable sensations of pains and pulsation
Lungs say hypoxia, anoxia, and bronchitis. Anoxemia, Haemoptysis and pharyngitis . Burning sensation of burning pain in throat and nose. Used to<by cold and winter>by natural discharges and summer.

    Kidney gets fibrosis results in nephritis. Infection causes cystitis,spinitis and urithritis . Oliguria,anuria with high coloured urine. In children constriction of urethra causes retention of urine.

    Nervous reflection

    Nervous manifestation sets in diarrhoea to cross a street, meet a crowd and appearing examination is criteria Vertigo is the output of elementary or emotional disturbances some times with sun rays, motions, floating in air and unconsciousness Hemi cranial, migranial paroxysmal head ache to modalities, sunrays are directly proportionate.

    Reflection Of Skin

    Skin speaks the eczema, scaly eruptions, pimples and purities Dirty, dry and filthy look<by cold, evening, unclean>by discharges Itching of skin gives redness, roughness and eruption which are dry, not followed by suppuration or any secretion.

    Reflection in G.I.Tract

    Digestive system cries with duodenitis, cholecystitis, Nausea, heartburn, distention of abdomen and gastritis unnatural hunger at 10am-11am,a mouthful causes stomach full sensation. Rumbling flatulence and distention with slow peristaltic motion Hot food, drinks, belching gives amelioration. Craving for sweets, disagree of milk causes bile vomiting. In pregnancy wants unusual thing and fever gives acid liking.

    Reflection In Endocrinology

    Psora is prominent in the endocrine system. Diabetes comes in insipidus and mellitus form. Polydepsia,polyphagia and polyuria is the initial identification Tiredness may be associated with renal disorder and renal failure like complication. It affects only the ectoderm derivatives Producing functional changes in nervous system makes the person sensitive.

    Reflection In Reproductive System

    System of reproduction deals with functional amenorrhoea the disturbed function of uterus and ovaries may lead to dysmenorrhoea. Scanty menstrual blood is bland and intermittent in character sharp pain with discharge of small clots of offensive blood at puberty and climacteric is the dysmenorrhoeic nature. Prostatorrhea with spermatorrhoea nocturnal Impotency & sterility due to lack of sexual desire. Premature ejaculation in young males weakness of sexual organs in females.

    Hahnemann said psora manifested itself in primary, secondary and tertiary form.All kind of functional changes are the significance of the existence of devil, but structural changes are not in its expression premises .The luxurious bed on which the other miasms are resting is made by the destructive psora. In chronic miasms, however, the outer local symptoms may either be driven from the skin or may disappear of itself, while the internal disease, if uncured, neither wholly nor in part ever leaves the system; on the contrary, it continually increases with the years, unless healed by art.