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A case of Alopecia Totalis

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       Dr.Girish Gupta, recipient of many national and international awards, also a member of Central council for Research in Homoeopathy had presented many cases with evidence-based documentations. Here we give a case of Alopecia Totalis presented by him. He has a scientific approach with determination to do "Something Significant" and redefine Homoeopathy on modern scientific lines. This case had been treated recently and he shares his experience with all.

       An eighteen years old female patient, Miss J. Shukla, presented Alopecia totalis preceded by severe falling of hair with dandruff and itching on scalp along with patchy loss of hair from all over body for the last 8 years. Patient has taken steroid injections locally, used medicated hair oil and shampoo but with no relief. Past history revealed Jaundice many years back. The case was taken up as follows:

1. of unsuccessful efforts to do various things (unable to run)
2. of being pursued by someone
3. of death of self
4. of falling
5. of ghosts and
6. unable to shriek

1. of suffering from incurable disease
2. of being alone
3. of dark
4. of high place
5. of snakes
6. of ghosts


1. Anxiety due to studies and disease
2. Suppression of anger
3. Desire for company
4. obstinate
5. suspicious
6. concentration difficult
7. homesickness
8. offended easily

1. for open air
2. for salty things
The case was repertorised and Silicea was selected from various drugs of choice

First prescription 18,April, 2005
· Silicea 1M single dose
· Followed by placebo for eight (8) weeks.

Follow up 1 15,June 2005
· Slight growth of hair was observed on scalp.
· Placebo was repeated for six (6) weeks.

Follow up 2 9th August 2005
· No further growth of hair was observed.
· The dream of unsuccessful effort to do various things continued.
· Acid phosphoricum 30 was prescribed for four (4) weeks
(which covers this dream and also has strong affinity for hair diseases).

Follow up 3 7th October 2005
· Remarkable growth of hair on scalp was observed.
· No anxiety was reported by the patient.
· Dreams of unsuccessful efforts continued
· Acid phosphoricum 30 was repeated for four (4) weeks.

Follow up 4 20th, November 2006
· Marvelous hair growth was observed on scalp.
· Patient was quite happy.
· Observing gradual improvement of the patient Placebo was given for nearly twenty (20) weeks on different visits.

Follow up 5 16th, April 2006
· Full growth of hair on scalp was attained within a year of treatment.
· No recurrence is reported till date.

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During Treatment
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