September 2010|Vol 7|Issue 9

September 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 9


Challenges on Law of Infinitesimals


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        Homoeopathy is centered on criticism from the days of discovery, despite of many struggles faced by the father of Homoeopathy, served with great popularity for the past 234 years. The “Law of Infinitesimals” and clinical efficacy has been challenged by the scientific community. The Popularity of futuristic medicine naturally invites arguments and challenges, as it has entered the mainstreams and being practiced as the second largest Medical system in the world.

    Similimum and Dynamism
        The strong foundation of Homoeopathy has been laid on two prime doctrines, the application of similimum and the theory of dynamism. Administration of similar medicines on the basis of similar symptoms is well accepted by the modern scientific community. The application of a similimum from the Hippocrates, Paracelsus and today modern scientists inspire the wonderful heeling power to build immunity in an individual. The scientific confrontation is missing on basic theory, because the isopathic application of vaccination theory would have inspired the reality of similimum application to arouse immunity in a particular living being.

        The genius of Homoeopathy lies in the theory of Dynamism. The reality of cure lies in “Potentisation”. The modern community failed to understand that potentisation brings the inert diseases healing power from the medicinal substances. They misinterpret “Potentisation” as “serial dilution” to reduce toxicity and ultimatetly beyond the Avogadro number losses its therapeutic effect also.

        The scientific perspective on the preparation of Anti snake venom to treat snake bite and the stimulation of micro doses as stated by Arndt-Schultz law would lay some primary understanding on Potentisation.

        The confronters acclaim that the potentised medicines which prepared below the Avogadro number would work. Then it is clear to them that the Homoeopathic Medicines are dispensed as mother tinctures, triturations and lower attenuations which fall within Avogadro number, the higher attenuations had been focused on the axioms of biology, chemistry and physics stating that placebo and the cures had been described as witchcraft recently.

        The theory of Dynamism cannot be demonstrated by scientific parameters. The action is well experienced by many patients when they lost their hope with other systems of Medicine. Homoeopathy is a holistic medicine which entails the soul, body and mind. The dynamic principle and vital principle are accepted by all alternative systems.

        We know that science is ever changing with new discoveries and inventions. The notion on “earth was flat” has been clarified as to round, the discovery of atom enters nanotechnology, and discovery of cells had been penetrated to genes. Even though water memory theory and NMR theory has been neglected by the scientific community. Research studies on immunology also geared up and the days are nearing to prove the efficacy of Homoeopathy with their own perspectives.

        The text book of medicine is not complete and many illnesses are riddled with the terms “Idiopathic”, “Unknown” .Many ailments which are categorized under “psychological also needs scientific measurement. Hahnemann understood correctly that the non materialistic, disease producing power inside the body as “dynamic”. If the modern scientific community looks deeper into the terms “immune” “metabolic” and genetic development of diseases the meaning of the word dynamism will be well understood.

    A case of psoriasis with cicatrized lesions responding to the highly potentised drug Ars.Alb 1M

        Hahnemann the pioneer scientist understood and cleared firmly that dynamic disease could be eradicated by dynamic medicines only based on similimum application. He contributed the wonderful theory “The Theory of Chronic Diseases” which could inspire everyone to treat the diseases labeled incurable by the modern community. Many homoeopaths are successful in treating the immune, metabolic and genetic based diseases and its sequelae; proliferative and degenerative diseases.

    Scientific Evidences and Homoeopathy
        We know that the Modus operandi of Homoeopathic Medicines based dynamic acts on the dynamic diseases, revitalizing the vital principle. Even though it cannot be measured by scientific parameters, there are several theories which are based on sub atomic vibration, the memory of water and so on, but these remain theories. Research has been conducted which attempts to prove or disprove these theories.

        The conclusions drawn from such research occasionally step well beyond the evidence are flawed. Even though there is no quality studies satisfied the scientific community they proclaim as placebo effect.

    A squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue responding well to the highly potentesied drugs Thuja lM and Merc Sol 200

    Clinical Trials and Homoeopathy
        Clinical trials on Homoeopathy on various diseases has been conducted and published in various Journals. The studies based on “One drug to suit all” and Double blind placebo trials also not suitable to homoeopathic efficacy because Homoeopathic treatment is highly individualized. In reality Homoeopathy would seek Randomized controlled studies (RCT) in which remedies individually tailored to a patient

    A proliferative disorder Keloid is responding to the Homoeopathic Ultra Dilution Acid Flour 1M

    Evidence based clinical studies
        Clinically evidence based case studies on immunological, metabolic, genetic, proliferative and degenerative studies are available to illustrate the dynamic cures. These individual studies could contribute to a randomized study in a particular disease. The study would emphasize the world; ultra dilutions would cure the disease which were labeled as untreatable and incurable by the other systems of medicine

        The modern era seeks scientificity, so we are more fervent to invite evidence based case studies which could inspire the wonderful art of healing. Even though our system is based on symptom similarity, we are in a position to diagnose the disease and undergo necessary investigations, imaging studies for the prognostic purpose and reciprocally to arouse the world with amazing results. These evidence based studies would make our system as a pool proof system.