Sep 2013|Volume 10|Issue 9
Sep 2013|Vol 10|Issue 9

Guest Editorial
Anaemia…Homoeopathic perspectives

Dear readers,
Anaemia is a global health problem which challenges many countries. Government implements many special schemes to counteract the nutritional factors. Anemia is caused by many factors. Even though Acute Anaemia has been successfully managed with contemporary sciences, Chronic Anaemia can be better tackled by various treatment modalities as explained by Dr.Hahnemann.

         Here authors had explained various types of Anaemias with treatment strategies. Basically the Haempoitic system is deranged in many cases of anaemia. In many cases the poor intake of iron can be treated with Ferrum Phos and Ferrum Metallicum along with dietary measures like Green Leaves, Jaggery,Dates,Gingili, Dry Grapes, Meat, Fruits and vegetables. In aphorism 245 Dr.Hahnemann has explained the importance of Diet and Regimen

        Deficiency Vitamin B 12 (Folic Acid) may affect the erythrocytes production in the bone marrow and liver. The Vitamin B12 deficiency mainly occurs due to lack of intrinsic factor in the stomach which can be raised with Homoeopathic Medicines like Merc Sol, Borax along with dietary supplements like Leafy green vegetables, Liver, Mushrooms,Oat, Peanut,butter,beans.

        Many chronic illnesses prone to establish anaemia which can be treated effectively with Homoeopathic remedies. Even the cases of thalassemia and errors in Haemopoitic system had been effectively treated based on individual study of every patient.

        Homoeopathy treatment is effective in Anaemias caused by blood loss in chronic stages like Gastro intestinal bleeding, Haemorrhoids and fibroids. The anaemias of Haemolytic types mostly auto immune origin which could be treated with Homoeopathic medicines and effective. The effective management of Anaemia in Health care that cross referral among physicians of the ISM&H and modern system of medicine

with regards

Former Principal, Government Homoeopathy Medical College