Sep 2013|Vol 10|Iss9

A Case of Tubo - Ovarian Mass


Dr. Girish Gupta, MD(hom)
Gaurang Clinic and Centre for Homoeopathic Research
B–1/41, Sec–A, Near Novelty (Aliganj),
Kapoorthala, Aliganj,Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh–24
Phone: 2326464, 2326565


Chief Complaints

        A thirty four year old uniparous Mrs. B.S. was suffering from heaviness and pain left iliac fossa with post menstrual spotting for the last 2 months. (LMP–04/11/2009)

Obstetric History

        G 2 P 1A 1S 0L 1

Past History

        Suppression of skin disease by Steroidal ointment 2 years back.

Family History

        Parents – Hypertensive and Diabetic

Treatment History

        Took Femiklox – LB, Nyclin 300, Ultadase, Cobadex


        Uterus bulky antverted measuring 12.2 X 5.8 X 3.2 cms. There is a mass in left adnexa measuring 8.5 X 3.0 cms. Ovary is merged in the mass. A calculus of 5 mm is seen in middle calyx of left kidney.(Refer Plate I)

Rubrics for Repertorisation

1. Shrieking in anger
2. Desire for company
3. Offended easily
4. Mood changeable
5. Weeping easily
6. Consolation aggravates
7. Anger from contradiction
8. Indisposed to talk in anger
9. Obstinate
10. Dictatorial
11. Desire for sweet things
12. Anxiety about future
13. Fastidious
14. Anticipatory anxiety
15. Egotism
16. Forgetful
17. Dreams of water
18. Fear of narrow places
19. Sensitive to noise
20. Anxiety in crowd

Repertorization Sheet

Result of Repertorisation

Medicine Selected–Lycopodium

Follow Up 1                                   Nov. 16, 2009
       Lycopodium 30 weekly was prescribed followed by Placebo BDfor 4 weeks.

Follow Up 2                                   Dec. 08, 2009
       Menses appeared on 08/12/2009 continued. Pain left flank reduced. Same prescription was repeated for 2 weeks.

Follow Up 3                                   Dec. 29, 2009
       LMP– 08/12/2009. Menses wereprofuse and clotted.Pain left flank further reduced. Same prescription was repeated for another 2 weeks.

Follow Up 4                                   Jan. 18, 2010
       Menses appeared on 05/1/2010, flow normal. P/V discharge with mild pain on left side of lower abdomen off and on. Pain left flank much reduced. Lycopodium 30 weekly was repeated followed by Colocynthis 30 twice daily for 4 weeks.

Follow Up 5                                   Feb. 28, 2010
       Menses appeared on 27/2/2010, flow normal. P/V discharge, backache and pain on left side of abdomen was much reduced. Ultrasonography of pelvis dated 27.02.2010 revealed normal ovaries and adnexa.(Refer Plate II)