Sep 2013|Vol 10|Iss9

A Case of Psoriasis


Dr.E.Prasanna Babu, BHMS
Homoeo Health Care Clinic
251/4, Gandhi Road,Next to Petrol bunk
Opposite Rangasamy Kulam Bus Stop
Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu - 631501



        A forty five years old female came with psoriatic eruptions on left knee and both hand since 5 years. She has Itching < Night+++, cold weather++, AC room; Itching better in summer. Patient took allopathic treatment but not improved completely.

Past history

    Known Hypertensive since 7yrs; under allopathic medication.
    H/o. recurrent wheezing & cold.

Family history

    Mother known hypertensive

Treatment history

    Took allopathic treatment for psoriasis

Physical Generals
• Complexion - Fair
• Appetite - Good
• Thirst – Increased
• Stool - Regular
• Urine - Regular
• Sweat - Profuse on scalp and face
• Sleep –sleepless < itching and burning at night & day time
• Desires – cold food++
• Thermal- Can't tolerate winter and rainy season, better in summer

General Physical Examination

Bp: 140/90 mm/Hg
Pulse: 74 beats/min
Wt: 59kgs
Ht: 148cms

Mental generals

She was very much depressed, longing for love & affection from husband.
Crying while telling symptom, fears about future & her disease. Consolation aggravating her symptoms.
She is very calm nature, but easily anxious and restless < itching
Fears to be alone.

Local Examination

    Psoriatic eruptions in left knee and both hand, whitish scaling on affected places.

Analysis of Symptoms

• Psoriatic eruptions with whitish scaling
• < night+++, cold weather, AC room
• Better in summer
• Depressed, fears to be alone.
• Longing for love & affection, crying while telling symptoms,
• Consolation aggravating her symptom, Easily anxious and restless < itching,
• Sweat: Profuse on scalp and face
• Desires: cold food++
• Fair complexion
• Sleep –sleepless < itching and burning at night & day

Diagnosis of Disease


Diagnosis of Miasm


First Prescription             27/06/11

    Sepia 200 od for 15days

Follow Ups


        Sepia was prescribed based on miasmatic and constitutional approach. The antipsoric remedy expelled suppressive symptoms and given complete recovery to the patient. The totality of symptoms and constitution fixed the remedy Sepia. The drug attributes the miasmatic consideration which is a key for cure and prevents recurrence. The patient is on observation to verify our philosophy and interpretation. Even though psoriasis is an incurable disease, dynamism could give permanent cure as per our master’s findings