September 2012|Volume 9|Issue 9
Sep 2012|Vol 9|Issue 9

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      Idiosyncrasy … Dr.R.Gnanasambandam

Dr. Kaushik D. Das
      Idioisyncrasy and Homoeopathy Dr. Aditi Samanta
      Idiosyncrasy ... different views from stalwarts Dr. Priyanka Bhattacharya
      Idiosyncrasy Dr. Anupama Deshmukh
      Idiosyncrasy the Behaviour pattern Dr. Khyati N Dasani
      Idiosyncrasy ...peculiar corporeal constitution Dr.Anurudh Verma

    A case of acute Urticaria Dr. Jayashree Nanda
    A case of Alopecia Areata Dr. D. Manju
    A case of Intra Uterine Growth Retardation Dr. S. Elango

Book Review
    Vitiligo cures Dr.G. Suresh

College Focus  
    Martin Homoeopathy Medical College  

     Dr. S.S.Adi Dr.K.Savitha

Web peep   Dr.D.Manju

      Simile 2012
      GHMC pathway IHML meets Forest Minister
      Erode Collector inaugurated Clinical Meet  
      IHML Launched Kanyakumari Chapter  
      CME at VMHMC  
      Dengue prevention camp at Nellpet, Madurai  
      Free Medical camp  
      Commissioner assures to fill the vacancies  
      HMAI condemns unethical practice  
      JSPS GHMC Alumni Conference  

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