September 2012|Volume 9|Issue 9
Sep 2012|Vol 9|Issue 8


Idiosyncrasy …

Dear Readers,
       We thank all the authors for their submission for the Title “Idiosyncrasy Homoeopathy”. Here the authors had covered the illustrative understanding on the subject title. It is wonderful contribution by Hahnemann on the understanding of the disease classification. He almost covered all the today’s classification by the scientific community.

         His classifications guide every physician to use his weapon to tackle the disease promptly. The understanding on idiosyncrasy makes a physician to tackle on hypertensive reactions, which probe deep into the allergic and immunological studies. Another excellent gift he offered is invidualisation by inspiration of idiosyncratic individuals.

       He clearly takes us to visualize the concept in Aphorism No 117 and its foot note. Added further on understanding a constitution and miasmatic state to study each case with birds eye view. Hahnemann had given clear portrait of disease with his wonderful classification. Here the authors had done their job well and few articles we missed to publish here due to non availability of space.

       We are happy to receive overwhelming response to the themes announced for every issue. We invite more evidence based case studies with evidence based documents. We thank all contributors for their immense support given to us for upliftment of our system.

with regards