Apr 2011|Vol 8|Issue 4

A case of Hepatitis B


Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma, MD (Hom)
NH 74- Moradabad Road
KASHIPUR, Uttaranchal
India- 244713
Ph : 05947 260327, 9897618594


       A female aged 40 years presented loss of appetite with persistent nausea. She was not able to eat well. She passed yellow urine and sweat also stains yellow.

H/o Present illness
Initially had yellow nails and eyes. Secretions were dark yellow. Her urine test and blood parameters, Liver function tests and HBsAg screening, typical case of Hepatitis B.

Past History
H/o prolonged anxieties, cares, worries, grief, suppressed anger

Family History
Nothing significant

Physical Generals
Appetite – Decreased, but eats well after starting to eat.
Thirst - Normal,
Stool - Normal,
Urine - Normal
Sweat - Yellow staining
Sleep - Normal
Food Type - Non Vegetarian, Has the habits of tea
Desire - Craving hot, sweet foods. Craving for open air.
Menses - Scanty, mild acrid leucorrhoea instead of menses.

Mental Generals
Mental state of patient was very anxious, hurried and weeping on slightest sympathy. Desire to be alone. Silent attitude. Sad, and gloomy.

General Examination
Icterus- The eyes and nails were yellow, general debility. Anxious worried look.

HBsAg Screening- Hepatitis B virus Positive.
Total Bilirubin -5.7 mg%
Direct Bilirubin -3.4 mg%
Indirect Bilirubin -2.3 mg%
SGPT - 1247.5 IU/L (Refer Plates I & II)
Evaluation and Analysis
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - anxiety - prolonged; from
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - cares, worries
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - anger - suppressed
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - abused; after being
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - scorned; being
MIND - WEEPING - sympathy with others, from
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - honor; wounded
MIND - COMPANY - aversion to
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - warm food - desire
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - warm food - desire - hot
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - sweets - desire
GENERALS - AIR; OPEN - desire for open air
Female Genitalia/Sex - Leukorrhea - menses - instead of


First Prescription                      11-12-2009
Carcinosin 10 M / single dose

Follow Up 1                               20-12-2009
Better. Advised repetition of the blood tests. But she refused for financial problems.

Follow Up 2                               21-1-2010
Better and completely all right and discontinued the treatment

Follow Up 3                               20-5-2010
The blood parameters were normal. The test for HBSAG also negative (Refer Plate III & IV)