Clinical Evidence
A case of Phosphorus

Dr.S.M. Anand Kumar B.H.M.S.
Amutham Homoeo Clinic,
2a, West Car Street,
Tuticorin 628 002.
Cell: 94430 02041.



        Dr. S.M. Anand Kumar is a young practitioner practices at Tuticorin. Here he presents a case of respiratory ailment with history of primary complex in childood. He is an active,enthusiastic young practitioner very much interested in writings and social work.

A boy aged seven years, fair, thin, narrow chested, consulted me for recurrent cough, which was diagnosed earlier in childhood as primary complex. He is quite cheerful boy and quick in actions. His weight was 16kg. Initially he had allopathic treatment and finally approached me for a similimum treatment and presented the following symptoms.

  • Persistent dry cough since 2 years.
    < cold in general, after rising in morning, evening, night, playing, exposure to dust, eating sweets.
    > during daytime, during sleep.
  • Pain in the right ear, prior to the commencement of cough with slight offensive watery discharge occasionally.
  • Frequent attacks of fever with dullness and redness of eyes before fever.
    Appetite - less               
    Thirst  - drinks large quantities of cold water frequently
    Sleep  - Normal, Does not cover during sleep.
    Stool  - offensive , two times a day Urine  -normal



Sweat  -profuse in the head and back.
Desires -open air
Aversion-fish, milk

General examination

The respiratory findings with moderate basal crepitations, Nothing abnormality detected in circulatory system. He is pallor , not cyanosed or jaundiced and no clubbing .His pulse was 65/minute and B.P.110/70mm of Hg

His chest x ray revealed “ Bilateral Hilar adenitis” and the montoux test also positive.

First Prescription

Based on the individualized clinical symptoms, constitution, I prescribed

Phosphorus 200, BID daily for five days

Follow up 1

Cough was better with frequency , stools less offensive
Tuberculinum lM, OD for three days

Followed with SL for five days

Here Tuberculinum 1M was prescribed as an intercurrent , based on the previous history.

Follow up 2

Cough occasional, better with all complaints

Phosphorus 200C, OD for three days, followed with SL for fifteen days .

The medicines were repeated every month and a chest X ray was taken which reported clear lung fields .Now the patient is alright and his weight increased to 20kgs and he is also free from his symptoms. Montoux test also negative.

A suitable very common polycrest with a correct intercurent remedy will cure the history of pulmonary consumption.