Hahnemann…pioneer in Atomic Energy

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      Dr. Hahnemann was a most extraordinary man who gave to the world a new wonderful system of healing” Homoeopathy” Even though the modern school of medicine rejected in the past, the scientific nature of discovery is not denied.

     It is true that the followers and opponents both have not realized even today is the fact that Hahnemann was the forerunner and usher of the present atomic age, a man who looked 160yrs ahead of his times into the atomic age and taught that atoms may be split and the energy so generated could be used to ameliorate human suffering. And this he did long before one ever dreamt of an” atom age”, the value of the process of splitting the atoms to release the dynamic power which was brought to our attention only during world war-I. It was first discovered in 1816 by the German scientist who was a chemist and physician in Leipzig.

     Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann laboured day and night during 1816-17-on the idea but did not communicate his discovery to his students till 1827 when he declared “certain phenomenon have led us to suppose that the physical virtues of those substances of nature which we call matter can be developed by trituration. But no one has ever been suspected to what extent this dynamic power can be excited by trituration and subsequent succession.

     The uninformed consider matter as something inanimate but astonishingly great powers can be developed by friction. Very few understand the phenomenon taking place when we strike steel against flint, that the sparks are tiny particles of steel which require 30,000 degree Fahrenheit to melt. Thus the calorie, in a latent condition is called into play causing release of dynamic force.

     The possibility of splitting atoms to release atomic energy was discovered by Hahnemann and the knowledge was made use of by him practically in therapeutics long before his colleagues even dreamt of such possibility.

     All honors to Hahnemann who had persecuted and was hunted from town to town by furious apothecaries and enraged orthodox medicos for declaring 160yrs ago(ie;till 1978) that atoms can and must be split so that atomic energy may be evolved to ameliorate human suffering.