Hahnemannís Museum in India



        It is true that every Homoeopath has a desire to visit the birth, living places of the great scientist Dr.Samuel Hanemanns. It is not affordable for every body to go to Germany and visit the holy place Meissen, where he born. The world-renowned physician Dr.R.P.Patel has contributed the “Replica of Hahnemann House” at Vadodara in India. Homoeo Times had an opportunity to visit the Indian homoeopaths' holy place. Dr.Jawahar Patel, the Director of R.P.Patel Research Institute received with warm welcome even though the flight reached well before the sunrise.


         The three-storey building which synchronize the Dr Hahnemann's birthplace at Meissen reflected its colour and architect. Hahnemann's statue stands in the front garden, bust in the waiting hall and portraits in entrance wall, reflects the love and affection towards Dr Hahnemann. Dr Jawahar Patel guided us to his room, at the right side on the entrance.

         “This three-storey building with a down stair constructed over 30,000 Sq feet, is estimated around one crore rupees, the museum is placed in down stairs and the ground floor is used for consultation. The room opposite is Dr. Patels room, next to that consultation rooms, dispensary, space for laboratory in which we planned for Kirilian photography. Library is placed in the first floor and second floor is for conference. We are planning one seminar on “organon ” 1st and 2nd April and a cancer seminar on 1st and 2nd January 2007 “ Dr. Jawahar Patel said.


        The museum has lot of collections, information on Dr.Hahnemann and Dr Kent. Dr Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine, Materia medica Pura, Theory of Chronic Diseases and other writings are placed in the cupboard and the walls. We can find posters illustrations, short history, places where Dr.Hahnemann dwelled, practiced, many photographs and materials used by him are displayed. The snap shots showing the monuments, stamps paying tribute to Dr Hahnemann also mounted on the walls.

         Next we were taken to the Kent's works and contributions, which follows with spotters and medicine collection. The preparation of different potencies are also displayed nicely for better understanding. Dr.R.P.Patel's tiredless travel around the world, his works and contributions to the fraternity are reflected at the end with some more general informations on Homoeopathy. The entire place gives a sense of feeling, remembrance of our visit to Meissen, Torgau and Kothen in Germany last year.

         The consultation rooms are in the ground floor with a very big waiting hall. Dispensaries, stock rooms, laboratory are placed together. Dr Jawahar showed the space for Research Laboratory” We are planning to install Kirilian photography and the allied studies to conduct research on our medicine, The program is on progress in collaboration with Baba Atomic Research Center and Delhi University.

         In the first floor there is room for Kent's “Documentation Center” in which the treated cases with evidence based documents for discussion. Dr Hering hall also annexed together, a separate room for Repertory research which is also provided in this floor. The library occupies the major portion with huge collections of books and magazines around the world. A mini hall for discussion also provided on the right side.


         The entire top floor is allotted for conference hall, which could accommodate 500-600 persons. This hall is being utilized for meetings and public awareness programs and seminars. In April we are planning to conduct a seminar exclusively for Cancer, Dr Jawahar Patel Said.

         We came back to the Directors room to meet Dr.R.P.Patel, the great physician behind this work thinking “Every practitioner should visit this holy place to get more inspiration The question in mind was “Why don't the Homoeopathic Medical Colleges organize an education tour to make learning the great works by pioneers more interesting?”

         Dr R.P. Patel was little earlier to receive us and welcomed us with smile. Speaking to him'” Our next work is documentation! I met Baba atomic Center Scientists yesterday and we are also planning for the Kirlian photography and allied research to prove how our potencies work. The documentation center has also started functioning now”

         Our main thing is research; many of us believe Science first, then patient, but according to Hahnemann patient first, disease next. It is an applied science! All people think that science is first but the patient who is suffering has to know that we are going to apply science How to apply it is very important thing! It has variations! Many of us say that Homoeopathy is failing. No! Knowledge is failing “Cancer the results are good. See! I had cancer with metastasis, have this since forty-five years. It is sarcoma, highly malignant. See my left arm amputated. It is a proof! I went all over the world they said nothing could be done Homoeopathy has done for me. Study of miasm is very important. How miasmatic condition is changing! Where is the beginning? See the inheritance! I had trauma.! But the miasmatic indication was there. That was found six years after my suffering. My father had found something is alternating with tumour , When warts are there, tumour is not there and tumour is there warts are not seen. My grand mother told “Yes I have it in my hands” See how the miasmatic influence played.

         I thought that the king of anti sycotic could be the remedy. I placed the query with great curiosity ” What remedy cured? Sir,” I placed a question “Thuja 10M”!

         "Now I am living even after 45 years of detection with cancerous diathesis". I felt hard in my heart and was surprised on the miracle cure and also thought that inspiration on personal experience would have brought him to dedicate service to the Homoeopathic fraternity.