Value of Anatomy in Homoeopathy


Dr. Mohammad Shams Alam D.H.M.S.
Professor & H.O.D. Anatomy,
Rajkot Homoeopathic Medical College,
B/H, Jainath Petrol Pump, Gondal Road,
Rajkot – 360 002, Gujarat
(M) 94269 91833



Dr. Mohammad Shams Alam is a leading academician, dedicated himself for the scientificity of Homoeopathy. He serves as professor and Head of the Department in a popular medical institution. Here he brings the importance and value of studying anatomy.

Long time ago a qualified doctor came to me while I was preparing for next day lecture. He saw and asked me “Are you reading Anatomy?”

“Yes!” was my answer.

“I know very well that you are a Homoeopath Doctor.” he told.

Again I answered him “Yes! I am a Homoeopath Doctor.”

“According to my information on homoeopathy, there is no diagnosis in homoeopathy.”

“What do you mean?” I wondered.

“It means no homoeopathic medicines are ascertain for certain diseases. It only depends upon signs and symptoms of the patients.” He replied me.

“Yes!” I said and continued my speech “Selection of homoeopathic medicine depends upon the totality of symptoms.”

He soon asked me “Than what is the purpose to study of Anatomy by homoeopath?”

“Because Anatomy is a subject of Medical Science which deals about the structure, position, shape, situations and relations of the organ or parts of the body.”

“It gives us knowledge of relation between bones, muscles, nerves, artery & others. So, this subject is most essential subject for Medical science. Students of all systems as Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Naturopathy, Yoga, and other systems of medicine in this era should study Anatomy. Allopathy is most common system in the medical science, and also it is more popular because surgery is also attached.. So for the students of Allopathy, subject of Anatomy is as essential as Oxygen is for our life.”

“Here I want to say as a Homoeopath, that knowledge of Anatomy is as important and valuable for us and the students of homoeopathic medical science as soul is important for living body in human life.”

“Because in no other pathy of medical science other than homoeopathy a specific part, point or region of the body is described in certain medicine or remedy. Other pathy details their medicine with indications of their action for the certain system of the body in certain diseases.”

“I want to give you some examples to prove my point

  1. Pain at bifurcation of trachea when coughing. Pain extends from mid sternum to back. Remedy is Kali Bichromatum. It means Kali bich activate the disturbance of deep cardiac nerve plexus.
  2. For cracking of the periosteum and inflammation of the periosteum. Here homoeopathic materia medica indicate the medicine is ruta grave (Tendency to the formation of deposits in periosteum Ruta G.) prickling pain sorceress of the periosteum. It stimulates the growth of epithelium on ulcerated surface. Remedy is symphytum (Boericke)
  3. Stitching, cutting pain from left kidney following course of Ureter in to bladder and Urethra. This leading indication of berberis vulgaris. It means berbaris correct the ulceration of nerves impulses to excretory system. Is this type of special indications may present in any other pathy? Answer is no and never.(It is only in Homoeopathy)
  4. Pain and Constriction around the heart. This symptoms manifests coronary stenosis. Here it is necessary to know that heart receives blood supply through the coronary arteries and if these arteries become constricted then stenosis manifests. This indication is for Amyle nitrate.
  5. Swelling of inguinal lymph glands specially on right side. Remedy is Clematis erecta.
  6. Pain in right testis which ameliorate after urination, (Cobaltum) patient may suffer with symptoms of emission without errection means seminal ejaculation without errection of penis.
    It means cobaltum constrict the seminal vesical without sexual disorder when it may balance with sexual desire penis become erect.
  7. Dislocation of patellar on going up stair cannabis satives. It indicates that tendons of quadriceps femoris muscles and patellar ligament come under influence of cannabis sativa.
  8. Profuse acrid lachrymation with profuse blunt coryza, remedy is Euphrasia. Action of euphrasia is on serous membrane. Especially on conjunctiva & nasal cavity.
  9. Indication is severe dull, backache in lumbo sacral articulation remedy is Aesculus hip.
  10. Indication is aching back wards along left floating ribs. Remedy is amyle nitrate. This symptom indicates that neuralgia of left eleventh inter costal nerves & sub costal nerves. No one drug from any other pathy except homoeopathy which acts on certain nerves of the body.
  11. Extra ordinary rigidity of os of cervix of utrerus Remedy is caulophyllum. It indicate that caulophylum relax the rigidity of os of cervix. No other pathy have any one drug as this drug in homoeopathy.(Except Hormones)

All above mentioned symptoms or indications of a certain remedy are mentioned in Homoeopathic Materia Medica.
Here it is a point to say that Homoeopathic Materia Medica indicates only those symptoms which are manifested on a healthy human body during proving of a drug or remedy.

This is why?

Our first prover (inventor & father of homoeopathy) Dr. Samual Hahnemann was a qualified doctor (M.D.). He had complete knowledge of all the subjects of medical science & definitely he had a wide knowledge of Anatomy.

So he mentioned his keen observation in Materia Medica Pura in which he frequently used anatomical terms or the name of the specific structure of the body. This is the fact that each and every remedy indicates special part of organs of the body for their action.

Now, I want to compare Homoeopathy with other pathies.

(A) In other pathies study of Anatomy is necessary to know the structure of the body but not for selection of drug or medicine. But in Homeopathy knowledge of Anatomy is must for selection of the REMEDY.
(B) In other pathies knowledge of Anatomy is only for clinical point of view.

But in Homoeopathy knowledge of Anatomy is not only necessary for clinical point of views but also for the selection of accurate remedy. Because only and only this pathy is proved on living human body.

Here, I want to say that the study of Anatomy for a Homoeopathic student as well as Homoeopathic Physician is must for the study of Materia Medica and for selection of an accurate remedy.

Here, I again want to say that there are so many minor structures present in the body which has no clinical importance in general medical science. But, where as we homoeopath take a keen observation.

I also want to say that a Homoeopathic Doctor never becomes a Good Homoeopath without the knowledge of Anatomy.

So above all the mentioned points prove that study of Anatomy is as important for homoeopathic students and physicians as soul for the human living body.

“Thank you Sir! Now my concept has changed about homoeopathy and homoeopathic doctors”

Lastly I request all the persons who read this article to please refer your opinion to me.